Tomorrow Lyrics by The Roots

The Roots Lyrics

Tomorrow Lyrics
[Verse 1 - Raheem DeVaughn:]
Send a message to God in Heaven
I'm thankful to be alive
Cause you sleep from 11 to 7
And work hard from 9 to 5
Cause can't nobody last forever
And everybody has to die
And everybody needs protection
I pray it don't pass me by

Cause everybody needs an angel
And everybody needs to smile
And everybody has an angle
And everybody wants tomorrow right now

[Verse 2 - Raheem DeVaughn:]
Some say that happiness will never find you
Until you find yourself
Some say that happiness is all around you
It ain't how you measure your wealth
No, I say it's free to be yourself
We all fall short sometimes
It costs nothing
It costs nothing, to help sometimes


Now [x3]
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