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Apollo 13 Lyrics
[Verse 1 - Russ:]
Had a dream in a Nissan riding with my B on
Another young kid with an old mind
Living on a tightrope so he might go psycho but he stay sane for the goldmine
I don't mind if I die in the process
Life's short but I long for the Loch Ness Monster
Sponsor pain and the progress
Aim for a battle but I land on the conquest
Got a crown on my head
F*ck a fitted, got a crown on my head
I'm the one that did it when you wanted me to quit it
Admitted I'm bout to get it off the sound of my head
When you drown in the dread of the hate that you made
I'm a count bread to replace what I gave to the world
That's a whole bunch of hits for free
I'm my own drug dealer my life's for me

[Chorus x3:]
I like the way you talk to me
Let's roll on, roll on, roll on

[Verse 2 - Dartlin:]
Another day goes by
Another base in this game I slide
Can't stay home safe, and won't wait
For the moment when the rain gon' dry
Waitin' for the minute, I get the recognition
Gotta get out and get it
Not a second for decision
No time to wait, no time to waste
Give a time and place and I'll kill it
I've been patiently waiting to take it
Make no mistake this is real
Jesus had made me to make it
Just can't explain how I feel
Even if caged in steel this pain you feel my name is real
I'll remain right here, all the lames stay clear
This lane I made I steer

[Chorus x3:]
I like the way you talk to me
Let's roll on, roll on, roll on

[Verse 3 - Jalil:]
Newest member in the game
We f*ckin' around and she screamin' my name
Beast from the east I'm hard to tame
You lookin' at us like we in it for the fame
But when we are just f*ckin' soldiers in the game
Now that I'm a little older, look at my perception
Lookin' at my life through a different intersection: DIEMON
Cause I am boppin' and droppin' motherf*ckers who fake
Up in the AM tryin' to wake and I bake
Step up in my city let me show you what it take
God is on my side so tell me how I'm gonna lose
Contemplating life so tell me why we pick and choose
Tryin' to kill the track when you can barely make a bruise
Life's a f*ckin bitch so now you giving 'em in twos
Smoke a couple more, let me lighten up the mood

[Chorus x3:]
I like the way you talk to me
Let's roll on, roll on, roll on
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