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Connected Lyrics
I hope you feel....
I hope you feel what I'm...saying

Yeah, connected to the infinite, Hope you feel the same way
Don't let the lies blind you and misguide you, Find the gateway
To the truth, I found my portal in this booth
I'm moving with the universe, hope the world follows suit
Cause it's less about diamonds, more about hearts
Less about being in the clubs, and drinking spades to play the part
The flame i spark is from the embers of the truth we all belong to
The truth we all came from, that will be here when we're gone, too
Watching from a distance like a hawk, I see the prisons
That men and women build inside their mind and chose to live in
Or rather die in, that's not living if you ask me
Misery loves company, and its happy just to latchkey
Child who learned, to be alone and fell in love with it
Unspoken agreement with the soul, don't break the covenant
I'm glad you see the surface but what matters is what's under it
But don't get too attached because that path just leads to suffering
When you start stumbling, don't grab a liquor bottle and start guzzling
Try to chase your hate away and replace it with your love of gin
Tell it's 1 AM and you've been gone, and you looking for the answer
Don't wanna answer, when the answer's been calling...
I said the answer's been calling you!
I hope you pick up, I hope you pick up...
I hope you feel connected...
I hope you feel...
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