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Corleone Lyrics
Someone call the villains, someone call the heroes
Tell them that I'm livin' like I'm both, call me Pete Rose
Livin' by the G code, never F it up
I always hit my free throws, you never step it up
But it's a blessing in disguise, I'm lookin' at the game through a peep-hole
Watching Jaws getting chewed by some Nemo's
I'm blowin' weed smoke, living on a speed boat
Music in my engine that's the only way the dream floats
So I'm gon' be the one that comes along that leaves you something to f*ck with
Even when I'm dead, light a blunt bitch
Cause everything I make is so ahead now it's timeless
No doubt, you gon' have to listen and rewind this
Sold out, shows full of hoes keep me mindless
Mixing up my potion for success, I'm the scientist
Twistin' up this potent for the stress, I'm depriving it
Really nothing serious, the theory is the sky's in it

I make a beat and take a shot, and then I zone out
Lookin' at my feet taking off on their own route
Hip-hop is a grapevine, bunch of starvin' Marvins
Arguing 'bout Earth when it's really 'bout the martians
With DIEMON on they chest, lions in the flesh
Eyein' every prize in the skies of a test
I'm a pass it, wake up in the studio, the classics that I made last night
After late night flights
I'm a shark chasing minnos but I save my bite
For the big fish, you small times I'm talking big shit
I'm tryin' to make 100 million when I'm 25
Not when I'm 25 or by the time I'm 25
I'm drivin' in a Ghost, everyday is Halloween
Lighting up my smoke, probably blazin' Charlie Sheen
I'm on the West Coast, stress low, with a bad bitch
Life is like a movie I got groupies as my actress
And I got groupies as my actress

And everyday's the same shit weed & alcohol
Yeah I mix the pain with the greed and have it all
And everyday's the same shit weed & alcohol
Yeah I mix the pain with the greed and have it all
OK I'm bout to be a legend who'da thought I do it this way?
Had to plant a garden you were tryin' to let the Knicks play
Now I'm on my 6th day, kush in my 6th J
Liquor in my cup so my mind's playin' tricks, hey
Girls are gettin' frisky, I don't have the time but
If you make those hips sway I'll promise you'll be mine
Little Dominican dime with an attitude
Come up to my altitude
We gon' rock the boat and probably make the mountains move
I'm gon' rock the show and take ya all around the moon I live on
Just sip on this vodka and get gone
Yeah, just get gone
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