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Imma' show you how to rob
Imma' show you how to rob

Yeah, wondering if my presents, gonna' treat me like my past
Wondering if I could ever, get too caught up in the cash
Wondering when, these bitches will leave my sister alone
Got me drinking 'til my livers gone, I'm still at home
But I'm traveling more often
Life got me speechless, so I'm babbling more often
I'm lucky for the mic, so I can rap instead of talkin'
God, it's kinda' funny I've been laughing kinda often
The gas got me coughin'
There's some ass that I'm lost in
Cause it's more than just ass
She makes me feel like I ain't ever, ever had a past
But I wonder, does she know?
And does my sister really know how much I love her? Does it show?
My momma told me long ago
That I better be a role model
So when the cuffs went on me, they didn't tell her
But I told her, I was holding bottles
Don't ever make the same mistake
Showing people love, that have no interest to reciprocate
This worlds been curving on me
Ones are getting straight
These labels swerving on me
Cause I'm eating without the food on the plate
I'm good in my state
Shoutout to Herb
Shoutout to Calvin
They f*ck with me on the south side
Shoutout Mckavon
Spreading DIEMON 'round the hood
I never thought I'd ever hear my sounds in the hood
But it sounds pretty good
I almost took this bitch, to get buried in the hood
In the ground in the hood
And get found in the hood
But I was raised better, so Imma' be fine
I just hope, that the chick that I'm with right now
Don't play me, have me feeling like the perfect mind, gah damn
We're the mutha' f*ckin' blood for D-I-E-M-O-N
So you know, hit miss argue, double dollar sign, not tryna' really do or die
How To Rob

[Hook - Bugus:]
I still see him running down her eyes, she ain't wanna' see her son die
I even feel him running down my eyes, I ain't wanna' see my uncle die

Even though I'm growing up, I'm still a good baby
I do it for my grandmother, she a good lady
I thought bad things only come to bad people
But in this game of life, we done lost mad people
It's like a game of dice, everyday playing with your life
I just wanna' write, I don't wanna' think about that night
April 13, spring of '96
My uncle got killed, he got taken out the shits
See, he was with his girlfriend, coolin' out, vibin'
Then he had his world end, people drunk drivin'
Drunk mutha' fukka', swerved, hit him on the side
Then his car flipped over, then it was all sirens
Listen for his heartbeat, it was all silence
Layin' in the streets, little chance to survive
Then he died before the mutha' f*ckin' ambulance arrived
My momma got a call, she picked up sounding all surprised
Cops said, they think he's not alive
He died on the scene, his face hit the glass, I know it's sad
I just hope before he past, he had peace
His brother had kids, now he have niece

Uh, who got the answers?
Who could bring people back and cure cancer?
Uh, my grandma the strongest girl I ever met
You an angel, I love you to death

[Hook x2 - Bugus:]
I still see him running down her eyes, she ain't wanna' see her son die
I still feel him running down my eyes, I don't wanna' see my uncle die

Rest in peace
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