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I get my inspiration from my own potential
F*ck yo taste I know what's hot I got my own credentials
I'm goin crescendo
Off my own instrumentals
So I don't want your beats
I'm in the game you're in the stands
I don't want your seats
I'm heatin up
Peep my numbers
Discovered around the world like Columbus
I'm the one it's been determined by my confidence
Always down to politic like show me what the offer is
Buzz startin to build like who brought russ into the offices?
Accomplishments been stacking kinda nicely as of late
But I'm tryna get this flyin to get this dyin to get this cake
Coulda signed and been on tour with your favorite independent
But imma boss and a boss respects that
I'll be patient for my entrance
Cuz the quicker you come in
Is the quicker that you exit
The more you fight the process
Is the less you really let it
Unfold how its spose to
But lemme pause the coachin cuz my Spanish chick just rolled thru
Don't get cold feet baby I know you got on snow shoes
But come here lemme coax you
Got a little liquor and I guess that we can smoke too
I tried to put her on but she don't believe enough
She ain't that rough she ain't a rider she's not eve enough
But she's naive enough
To make me get unruly
Make me wanna kick her out my car like I was Gucci
But I'm George clooney in oceans eleven
I'm tryna pull this caper off
Smirk at all the skeptics
Piss all of my neighbors off
And by neighbors I mean peers
And by peers I mean people who doubted me over the years
Cuz I was livin out their fears
This is that no excuses
Make a movement or get lapped
I couldn't do a 9-5 I felt like that was just a trap
I'm not racing round with rats for a little piece of cheese
Imma build my own factory
Retire at 33
I'm just rhyming on an island just tryna get this motherf*cking GUAP
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