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Let Me Know Lyrics
I said as soon as I figure out this puzzle...
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah

As soon as I figure out Russ
The quicker I can figure out this puzzle that I struggle with
Penthouse dreams, basement realities
Foot up on the gas, should I pace myself gradually?
God damn, Lord, give me a sign
Give me ya words, give me ya sight, give me ya mind
Cause I'm feeling blind, deaf and dumb
My soul is on a leash, sayin' please let me run
With these beats I can speak to the freaks and the nuns
The rich, the poor, can't you see I'm the one?
With this real shit
And I hate to f*ckin' say it, but do you feel this?

I dream better with my eyes are open
I sleep better when my lights been awoken
Then I might leave the lights on, so you can see I'm focused
This game has a plague, so all I see is locusts
And most of you, but I just hope the world can see what I see
Hear what I hear, breathe what I breathe
It's a farfetched idea, but at least I have it yeah
At least I have it, at least I have it
Maybe I can work a little magic without the rabbit
Maybe I can turn a little passion to a palace
Cause after all... I'm standing on the 3 point line wide open
Pass the ball motherf*ckers

Before the sun comes up, I gotta love, love, love
I stutter when I pray like, but-but-but
God, please don't take it personal, I just feel outta place
My mind is just a vehicle, I'm runnin' outta faith
Please believe I see the reason that I, that I
Keep on breathing in my freedom, that's why, that's why
I'm gratefully dead, to the life of the impossible
I never thought I'd get so high off the obstacles
I know it's gonna pay off and these songs are gonna be comical
When I put my mom somewhere tropical
These optical illusions keep on movin' tryin' to f*ck me up
Where's the four leaf clover when you need it in this lucky cup

And I wonder if they party up in heaven screaming "lucky us"?
And I wonder if they party up in heaven screaming "lucky us"?
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