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Reminder Lyrics
Yeah, I'm a young prophet
Ideas are my deposit
Brinks trucks
Synched up
With my thoughts, f*ck pockets
But I can't take them with me
I guess lungs are the new wallets
No one's talkin' straight to shootin'
I guess guns are the new gossip
You know it's getting bad when love is the new topic
Everybody set to blow
I guess egos the new rocket
But I'm off it
Russ got it
I'm the fly young bachelor
New Bruce Wayne
New world traveler
New home is the airplane
You can have my old dimes
I always got some spare change layin' around at all times
Erase my number two hoes
I'm trynna save paper
Cause way later
They might ask for the check
And I don't play waiter
But I'm cookin'
Swear to god I'm cookin [?] rock
I've been plottin'
Watchin' all y'all f*ck up from the treetops
Circling above like a vulture
Welcome to the matrix
I'm a glitch in the culture
Imma break the mold
Create my own f*ckin' sculpture
Middle fingers up
Bitter as f*ck cause I told ya
But hold up, I'm cool
I've been working on my chakras
Becoming the change I wanna see in the world like Mahatma
But I've still got my vices
Still got my drive though
Like I still got my license
Still got my lightbulb
Like I got my lightswitch
And that bitch stays flickin'
Still got a tight grip on vision and intuition
Devil still throwing parties, I still throw away the invites
Road to success, bitches still tryna' hitchhike
Wrapped up in these dreams, still feeling like it's skin-tight
Blind fate to the promise land, it still feel an insight
Still rap mean, still sing nice
Still got the hardest f*ckin' beats, boy I been tight
Y'all still asleep damn, I guess I didn't pinch right
Doubt verse belief, still got the whole squad ringside
Your crew still cut, let me show you what I trim like
Still got a German chick blessin' me, Gesundheit
Still wanna know ya f*ckin' future, show me what ya friends like
Cause you are who you hang with
And I'm still here with who I came with
Me and Bugus down for a decade and some change
Bitches Diemon in this mother f*cker

I'm singin, oooo, you
Didn't forget did you?
Oooo, damn
Imma have to send you a reminder
Oooo, you
Didn't forget did you?
Rap for these niggas
Sing for these hoes
That's just how it goes, yeah
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