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Yung Pacino Lyrics
Yung Pacino, trying to get deniro
Ride off in the sunset, let em flock like seagulls
It was nonstop weed smoke, till I stopped and got Cleco
It's Russ, and any artist till I blow is a placebo
You know when I touch down smoke a Philly like an eagle
And getting so high off my shit like you sniffed the whole kilo
Dare the devil to f*ck with me, it sounds evil
But what's a gamble when you own the whole goddamn casino?
I'm talkin' bout life, roll the dice and hit the jackpot
Harvest on my field of dreams, thoughts on my cash crops
Only f*ck with will-dos, I don't f*ck with have-nots
Making sure my wills move up until the last stop
Chicas in front of me, Italy in my backdrop
Shit's so pretty make me wanna take a snapshot
I'm going out in a glass coffin so you could look in... And see what's up

Here I come I hope your ready
Because I am coming through
And when I'm dead, you won't forget me
Consider I'm closing in on you
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