Ruthie Foster - Fruits of My Labor Lyrics

Ruthie Foster Lyrics

Fruits of My Labor Lyrics
Baby, see how I been livin'.
Velvet curtains on the windows too.
Keep the bright and unforgiving
Light from shining through.

Baby, remember all the things that we did
When we slept together
and the blue behind your eyelids.
Baby, sweet baby.

Traced the scent through the gloom
'Til I found these purple flowers.
I was spent, I was soon
Smelling you for hours.

Lavender, lotus, blossoms too,
why does the dirt
and the flowers last for you,
Baby, sweet baby?

Tangerines and persimmons
And sugar cane,
Grapes of honeydew melon
Enough fit for a queen.

Lemon trees they don't make a sound
'Til the branches bend and fruit
Falls to the ground,
Baby, sweet baby.

Instrumental verse.

Come to my world and witness
The way things have changed.
'Cause I finally did it baby i
i got out of the grange.

i got in my Mercury
and drove out West
pedal to the metal,
put my luck to the test
baby, sweet baby.

i've been trying to enjoy
all the fruits of my labour.
i've been crying for you boy,
oohhhh, but the truth is my savior.

baby, sweet baby,
if it's all the same,
take the glory
any day over the fame.
baby, sweet baby.

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