Ryan Tyler - The Last Thing She Said Lyrics

Ryan Tyler Lyrics

The Last Thing She Said Lyrics
(Ryan Tyler, Shaye Smith, Mickey Cones)

When she opened up her eyes
she was blinded by the light.
Everything was flashing red & blue.
She heard do you know where you are
as they pulled her from her car.
She saw the helicopter and she knew
it must be really bad
and as they lifted off the ground,
the only thing that she could think about.

Was The Last Thing She Said
to her husband that morning and
the look on his face when she slammed
the door and the way she drove off
without one ounce of regret
and knowing "I love you" was not,
The Last Thing She Said

She tried to stay awake
long enough to see his face
wishing she could take the whole day back.
She kept asking where he is
and "Am I gonna live?"
while the voices in the room faded fast.
Before she drifted off,
they tried to calm her down,
but on and on all she talked about.


He was waiting in the hall,
staring at the wall,
when he finally saw the doctor walk his way.
He was scared to death,
just holding his breath,
up until he heard the doctor say,
"She'll be okay
and right now she needs her rest
but she wanted me to tell you she's sorry
and 'I love you' was the last thing she said."

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