Sage Francis Lyrics

Sage Francis Lyrics

From the Album Still Sickly Business (2005) (buy at
Still Sickly Business
Pen To The Gun Fight

From the Album A Healthy Distrust (2005) (buy at
A Healthy Distrust
The Buzz Kill
Sea Lion
Gunz Yo
Escape Artist
Product Placement
Dance Monkey
Sun Vs Moon
Agony In Her Body
Slow Down Gandhi
Jah Didn't Kill Johnny

From the Album Sickly Business (2004) (buy at
Sickly Business
Killing Time (Live on 90.3 WRIU)
Tree Of Knowledge

From the Album The Known Unsoldier "Sick Of Waging War..." (2002) (buy at
The Known Unsoldier
Narcissist (Non-Prophets 2002)
Can I Kick It? (AOI Live At The Ocean Mist Rhode Island 1997)
Dirty Mac

From the Album Personal Journals (2002) (buy at
Personal Journals
Crack Pipes
Personal Journalist
Inherited Scars
Climb Trees
Broken Wings
Smoke And Mirrors
Message Sent
Eviction Notice
Pitchers of Silence
Black Sweatshirt
Cup of Tea
My Name is Strange

From the Album Sick Of Waiting Tables (2001) (buy at
Sick Of Waiting Tables
Vital Signs
Follow Me (Snippet Verse)
Oliver Twisted

From the Album Still Sick...Urine Trouble (2000) (buy at
Still Sick...Urine Trouble
The Time Of My Life
Majority Rule
Life Is What Distracts You From Death
Whore Monger Sing-Along
Come Come Now
Strange Famous Spoken Word

Other Songs:
Doomage (Damage Remix)
Hey Bobby
Makeshift Patriot
Mermaids are Seasluts

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