Sandman - Are You a Rider? Lyrics

Sandman Lyrics

Are You a Rider? Lyrics
(feat. Slink Capone)

Nigga that's that darkside, North side, we ride
Homicide suicide you
got your skull cracked
Slain, insane, so blame Sandman for the pain
of cockin your nuts back
We makin them rough tracks
Stay in contact with my niggas in dimension next
Creepin your set and we makin your body erect
Leavin you all blessed and hexed
Flex to the other side, where they really gotta be so cold and shit
Nigga roll a spliff
Nigga load the clip
Nigga put it in the gauge and blow that bitch
Nigga f*ck a driveby, we fly
See me floatin through the atmosphere in a state of paranoia you die
Don't ask why

[Slink Capone]
Yeah, y'all rookies get heated with repeated shots
Got what they needed
Learn respect from a vet, three fingers up, that's what I'm pleadin
Dont get caught in gunplay with less than 10 in your barker
Nation riders got 50 fool, when you empty you outlined in chalk
Now walk little loc, my lifestyle is that of mental folk
From the West to the Midwest we stress until we never broke
Inhale the smoke cuz it might be your last
You can step outside your momma's house we'll smoke your ass

My nigga you better be ready to duck now
Buck, pow, leave a bitch
nigga stuck now
Pump pump dump him in church nigga you f*cked up
wanna cross me what now?
Your face was all over that concrete
I creep up the street with the sweepa, nigga you're gone
Sandman and Slinky Capone
Please don't go, reach for your chrome it's on
Dead and gone written all up in your face man
I came to bring the pain
My nigga your brains hang
If you don't maintain like a freight train, (kill em all)
Don't let me call all my gangstas, we bang ya
Playin with too much danger cant call on Jesus to save ya

[Slink Capone]
Now all you billy bad asses is bulletproof to strap nasty
Got Cavi and the hoes is happy in the candy blue cabby
Stick you for your Porsche and you're tortured
Faded the nali to Cali
Put my money on the move for me and go flip a new Navi
Livin life on the edge beware of the jackyll it's savvy
Don't interrupt my frequency or sleep will be your new habit
Sex money and murder narcotics and automatics
Sherm got me on a death mission so I'm comin with static

Oooo-oooohhhh nigga please don't make me
kill em, kill em, kill em, kill em nigga
(Are you a rider? yes I'm a rider,
Are you a rider? yes I'm a rider) [x4]

[Slink Capone]
Who's the fool comin through shootin two Rugers out the sun roof?
Hunt you down like an animal, loc up, and come after you
Do what I have to do to follow your trail and gaffle you
Never let me see you sweat or I'll smell your fear and capture you
Still a basket case by Uncle Sam standards
Appear outta nowhere with a gat and cock the damn hammer
What the deal now nigga? You still feel worth 6 mill
Even Lee Majors can get faded out with this blue steel
I flex my skill with the strength of my index
Unleashin uncontrollable heat, aint no tellin who'll get hit next
As father witness, don't intervene no serious business
You could easily be a few more notches crossed off the census
Hell yeah nigga I'm a rider, tell the feds I said it
Y'all aint the only ones with guns with infrared shit And
that's straight from Slink Capone nigga go home we deep
Sandman's a rider too, puttin niggas to sleep

Like Colt 45 my 45 shred your liver
Outsiders ride up you die what?
All diced up, like they slice cut and fried up
Now what you gone do when you get blasted by the Sandman?
The rappin reaper
We creep up deeper
Then a ocean where you sleep I see ya
Be a playa hater and get gauged
Watch metamorphasize your body approaches the final stage
There is no other way we play
Now you live in a river, puttin niggas to eternal rest
I guess, me Wessun the best and the bless on my chest
So you better not test unless you witness
Them souls risin up outta the crest, in the cement
Demonization ceremonies all over the world
That darkness beamin screamin and cryin
be the only sounds you hear baby
Man some things to me start to come clear lately
They call me crazy but if you look into the blackness
You can see the shit that possesses me
to pick up a pen and paper and start to rap this now
If I never die, better grab your word & vanish
Speakin Spanish with a thuggish accent
with dreams of doin eternal damage

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