Scaramanga - 7XL Lyrics

Scaramanga Lyrics

7XL Lyrics
(feat. Grand Puba, Sadat X)

Grand Pub'.. Scaramanga Shallah.. Sadat X
Bout to hit this, word up

[Grand Puba]
Once the Grand spread his stuff, pockets fluff like Jiffy Puff
"Inside Stuff," Ahmad Rashad know I keep it rough
Blazin for the two-cen' and after black
Once I spit the half to that, shorties form a line at the welcome mat
Godly ways and action be fo' yo' satisfaction
Chicks feel me like attraction, move shoes like Foot Action
Justice Cypher Born be to leave the mic torn
Rhyme flow vibrates and kill flow like radiation
You know the deally, watch me flip it on the really
Once the God begin to bomb it, all beware Haji comet
Plain and simple, I shine like a iced out Presidential
Gold fronts be the dental as I smack you in the mental
Deadly flows that I use'll bust a vein in your temple
I go back like a rental
He Allah Justice Islam for the fam
Got no problems to hit you all with the plan

[Chorus x2: Sir Menelik]

7XL, the Gods live well, cash clientele
Checks out the mail, sippin Guinness while
flippin bidness well, in a tailor made whip
Accelerate, make papes while we marinate

[Sir Menelik]
With mad game I kick the King Verbal, God Wisdom
Cypher Seven Twenty built two circles, it's no fabrication
Chicks with bricks, catch the sensation
Spectacular interaction, my raps capture your fascination
Still I maintain finesse, explain in text, train the best
Troopers usin telekinetic prophetic maneuvers
to gain blessin, Puba, Sir Menelik, Sadat assemble
the rock tight, collaboration
One physical jewel formed to the fill the manifest, dest'
Jehovah's Knight, give the devils stressed out
Spark up remarkably, live palatial, gems glacial
Ladies stay in my facial labels pay to keep me laced
Sports the short fade, paid suede soft butter Avirex
Turbotron don intellect, mental flex connects aspects
Got cream like NASDAQ, so to competition don't be abstract
The Extra Large mack reacts


[Sadat X]
Her black panties up the antes which was well spent on
There was cash bent on for porn, latex worn
It's on, sting like a thorn in the morn' for self-guilt
and think about the ass you kilt
From one stone, great cities was built
We're terrorists with a twist, Menelik, you must know this!
The Brand Nubian name, will live long in the annals of fame
And if she say she don't get down well that's game
She ran the same shit yesterday with bird from what I heard
Over on Eighth Ave or up at the Tomb
What's a nigga to assume, if you lead me to the room?
It ain't all cool, I'll still wild and pee in the pool
Then cap a fool from a thing that was in high school
I'm international, passport, onslaught with flyer mouths
The red lights of Amsterdam, exotic chicks from Surinam
Haha, Great X


[Menelik] 7XL [echoes]

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