Scaramanga - Alphabetic Hammer Lyrics

Scaramanga Lyrics

Alphabetic Hammer Lyrics
Partners in crime, nineteen ninety-nine
Kids feeling fine, fellas knows the time
Honeys wanna grind, watch the diamond shine
PNC, in the party
Yes the gods be, working on another slammer
Alphabetic hammer, rock with the jammer
Jammer, jammer, jammer

Nubile style refined like Haile Selassie
Flooded down Rossi, shine 24-carat character
Lavender Bally tone, slick meticulous
Nickel-plated serial slash material cash
Atlantic lab hash, play spaced out system
Put potholes in the street, I'm your gamma
Alphabetic hammer, magnetic grammar
Slamming for ninety-nine, cats in hellafied rides
Cash the bill, nines spark up the block
Rock magnificent glocks cocked, banana clip insert
Work experts exert, flat like turpentine
Sharp like porcupine, event the fort in line
Time parole hold, gold card super
Macys mall super booster, exclusive
New technique therapeutic, hypodermic shooter
German luger through the maneuver blew the top off
Every time I rhyme get my rocks off


Roosevelt el, might as well, mink pelt
Black businessmen for all you chump-change
Citizens listening, when I recline
Rock shine like a day-glo baseball
Jam when you put my tape on
Land caved on abilities, let the cumulus
All chrome alluminous, alpha numerous
I meet [???] flesh on the metroplex
Text on oblivion, word to villion
Resilient, f*ck illying, third pavilion
[???}, first willy up to bat, rap attack
The new maze, two page article HHC
Nautica, major paid, Avirex
Diamond Rolex head, kinda grinning
Nokia 4160, maintainer
Shock like broken speaker wire
Reach a higher apex, deadly like a T-Rex
Rep connects LI, Far Rock', Queens, BK
Uptown to BX, what's next?

[Chorus x2]