Scaramanga - Holdin' New Cards Lyrics

Scaramanga Lyrics

Holdin' New Cards Lyrics
New face, new identity, Scaramanga Shallah
Fresh out the Swiss clinic, word up
My man Goldfinghaz hit me

Fame, name changes depending on the route
Shipping it out, sipping the stout, winning no doubt
Rocking Helly Hansen, golden Polo, Roley swollen
Nolan, holding new cards, shining iced jewelry
Only get from Wu Wear, Nike and Polo matching
Over fat beats, Scaramanga Goldfinghaz stay doing damage

Yeah, my team gleam bally, sheen rally to get beam badly
Lastly after we blast self-esteem had me at mach ten
Asking the ATM for the jacksons, action, foyer mayhem
Like judge well in the club, fell in love with the triple dice
Scara' iced down like a pharaoh, reading moves like tarot
Precise, getting narrowed down selection, fuel injection expedition
Follow a legend, key low, cee-low seven in a row
Won eleven kilo, reload then man the nugget five pound
Emperor royal crown, rugged sound dominator
Honour divine faces, a line of nine dime Asians
Work cut down as lines you rhymed stone ages
Fine tones blazes, shine all places like World Trade Center
Pearls blazed in em, girls play in em
French cut, curls, braids I hit em, waves go for
Hurl venom, I spit em, rap excelsior [???] get loafers
Go for soft Dior sweaters, arson with letters
Varsity larceny sparking these Berettas

[Chorus x2]

Niggas slow up, see me getting finger rolls
Roll with GP 30, see a murder with a street blower
The deep throw up inner consciousness, tribe and shit
Keep the .45 live, divine Mecca, Scaramanga wet a letter
Dial ‘H' for homicide, bombers glide in a downer ride
Shine, apply side to side, E&B poison the Hennessy
And enemies bend with these, smoother professor maneuvers
Under pressure blue coupe millennia, E-NY to Virginia
Took many a pot sale, armed well so spark well, links
Shine like ice rinks, tight rings with white Nikes and light minks
Sue the ninth finks, blew the right wing off the propeller
Of the cinderfella, your shit got more illusions than Penn & Teller
Perhaps I'll flip a Stella, well off like [?????] shorts get sawed off
That's why they got caught off guard without their rods
You out of luck, pah

[Chorus x3]

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