Scaramanga - Special Efx Lyrics

Scaramanga Lyrics

Special Efx Lyrics
(feat. Godfather Don)

[Godfather Don]
Uhh, yeah, Scaramanga, Sun Large, Godfather
Rasco, ask O he holds the cash flow
Big Lance, supreme grounder, Allah Magnetic
Uh, you know how we get down for the millenium
Check it, while I shine bright like deep dishes
To spite your weak disses
Rock mics, freak bitches, freestyle technique vicious
You pick up the mic to fight, receive stitches
While I reap riches, this is one of my three wishes
The other two is first I smother you f*ckers who
Chew everything a brother do, faker than the Huxtables
Indestructible, my fat physics withered the raps
Is it the gats clip with the aks that wax wicked, the cats
Get addicted to, my mystical mics that inflicts the truth
With gifted jewels uplifting fools, like .44s they be blazing
Amazing like black chicks mixed with Asian, it's unbelievable
How I leave a crew, lacerate letters inconceivable
Dead your men like evil do, we knew all sluts in the street
Cause once in the street with beef you can get punched in the teeth
Now you're spitting bone chips, your lips and phones ripped
By the rhymes and cold stripped like chicks I bone swift
In zones, it's BK, we slay each day it's Fat Beats and tres
Then we blow you away so f*ck your nice day

Scaramanga black Lex, flex the banger
Nets ranging for crews in danger, diamond finger anger
Throw up the text heavy like gold bullion bricks
Chicks like Rolex, cheques Express for dialect
Sunk into your set pumping ‘Special Efx'
Demolisher dropping the apocryphal
Through the eyes of a photographer
Polish knowledge at Wiz to a wise
Sizable, rising to the top always
All days in more ways than advisable
Like lah, putting a high in you
Dying to survive, a live wire the right voltage
Two become one with the right exaltage

[Chorus: Scaramanga]
This is for the money, on the run
Group war entail, make jail here and overseas
You know big Gs do our thing
Triple ice ring, nightwing form something
Storm comparable to lightning, on the streets we titans
Inciting, here's the special efx

[Godfather Don]
I get biz on the table, stacking chips
Wise smacking hips of Latin chicks packing whips
Grabbing sips off tequila, me and my mia
See any cheater, I beat a nigga sweeter
Conception, when I eat her, reflection of teacher
Frightens all you sinners, all you men are novices
Or beginners, it's the end of who you be
Do you see the cuckoo steez, my voodoo priest
Even if you blew for cheese, fool don't you see
The oeuvre of me, I [???] three folds so fool
You need to realize and recognize, you step to guys
Blessed with ties and connects to slide
On your briquettes aside so you don't shine
As much, any rapper touching my level
You f*cking devils, yo, your mind disrupts
You're blind in crutches, nines and dutches
It don't suit you when you say I'm a shoot you
You sound foofoo!

Group war entail, you choose to use yours and fail
Impale words like the Holy Grail, the Rollie swell
Show me mail, independent cheques, still live well
Selling sports, catch jail up north, fell off? Impossible
Clockable ox rocks and knock chips, stock whips
With far tips in the grill, real complex rhymes find
Shielded with inventable steel, principal will in trust
Dust rusty rappers when I bust my style, come across
With the force of a holocaust, Polo boss, solo
Show no remorse for your loss of course
Accosted by the javelin, stay European travelling
Slam a gavel on your temple
My mental's all New York talk, money making
You holding funny bacon, this one we taking over
Scaramanga, Godfather Don: the last soldiers


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