Scaramanga - Strip Club Bait Lyrics

Scaramanga Lyrics

Strip Club Bait Lyrics
(feat. Scholarwise)

[Scr:] Yeah, hold up, shorty, let me answer this, chill, chill ­ aight .. yo,
[Sch:] Yo, Scaramanga, what's up, man?!
[Scr:] Yo, whattup, man .. Oh shit, yo who dis?
[Sch:] Yo, Scholarwise, yo!
[Scr:] Oh shit, damn! Whassup, whassup..
[Sch:] Man, it's two o'clock in the morning, you're supposed to be in the studio
already! Layin vocals, man
[Scr:] Ohhh..yo, I'm in the strip club, man, I'm gettin this crazy lap dance,
Yo, I'll be there in like twenty minutes, word, I'm a bring three shorties,
we're gonna jump in the cab right now, word
[Sch:] Yo, son, bring your black ass over here, this shit is $180 an hour, son
[Scr:] Yo, my bad..word

Sippin Grolsch, park the Porsche, toss the el, group war entail
Sparkin well enforced with the highest scores, St. Martin resort
Rockin the Nike sport, New York talk forked the accent, relaxin
Twisted the hash in a jackson raw, sure to draw satisfaction, hardcore
Accurate raps get facts discussed, mask and bust, magnum-ous
Platinum plus, jump size eyes twisted with a black biscuit, physic
Terrifically lifted, gifted, you must have missed it, scientist
I invent this iron shit from my environment, 545 [????]
Drive whips, chromed-out mobile phones, roam south
Jonesed out, girls know what I'm talkin bout
Left her man cause she like to get moked out at her own house
No doubt, she said it with her own mouth what's up, shorty? Wanna come through, know what I'm sayin
Word up, wanna hook up like that?

Speed with a blond Swede, if she bleed greed indeed
Bomb weed, trans like a palm seed, and Dom P, nahmean
Pardon me, crankin like an army, far be it for me
Bless it sharply, acuity for movin gees the god see
Rubies, center cut, enter what [???], Judah like Marley
Peace to Shallah and RC, thugs and Garvey kick it
Be stickin vics faster after party, crash the shottie
Smash the body, kimosahbi with some hotties, fly seeds
Rocks kis and dust, lust exodus rush to plus bust an extra tec
Hands chilled ice like freezers, off dirty visas
Heaters for the fleet of Scarface pretty niggas
Getting figures with the triggers

Oh after the session we gon' go back
My man he got the waterfalls, we gon go lamp, know what I'm sayin
Whatchu mean..come on, baby, know how much this rent is?
Four thousand a month, word up..this is real
What you talkin about, Manhattan is expensive, baby
We got expensive tastes, that's why you safe with this player
Word up, make sure you do..

Damn, where this nigga at! Alright, just keep rewinding the track
Yo, it's like 3am in the morning, man, damn! Scaramanga, whattup?!

Hold up, let me call my man and let him know we on our way
We on our way, we'll get there, on our way

Yo, Scaramanga, come on, son! Damn, leave them chickens alone
Come on, son, pick up the phone! Word up, come on, god, gotta get this paper,

Yeah, I know, I know, I'm coming, yo

Yo, I ain't get no answer though..oh, wait, hold up one second, just got up on
the jack
I know, man, niggas get a little record label and thinking they blowing up
I ain't got to sit here for this, man, could be home with my own girl, word up

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