2 Raw Lyrics by Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q Lyrics

2 Raw Lyrics
[Verse 1: Q]
Aye groove the window down oh shit I'm getting high
Still I'm cool.. No AC needed
Probly slidin down ya region off this henney got me leanin
Ain't no secret that we ballin and yo ho be refereeing
Bet I make that pussy whistle up and down that booty dribble
Was she foul? Just a little, tech-nical how she nibble uhh
Ain't f*ckin with u losers all my niggas won
It's mista bet I got sum weed, aye split another one
Look down upon the ceiling
Just try to reach the sky cuz when u up they all be kneeling
Contradictions in my thoughts and I just execute my feelings
Shake the nonbelievers off I'm tryna navigate a million
But yo first lets hit the store you know I love Korean
She tell me hurry up and buy, I hurry up I'm fiendin
So I zip that, chop that, pass the blunt
Know my dick from last month but theres more to come, what the f*ck?

2, 2 f*cking raw (Face down, ass up)

[Verse 2: Q]
Heroin, extacy, oxycontin, vicodin, coca cola everything up in our jeans
Even methamphetamines
Get this bread by any means
Pcp, lsd, transactions frequently
Turn ya job into a ki
Turn that ki into a beach
Turn that beach into ur sleep
Rest ya head, remain neat
Haters love to hate a G
Gossip on ya bakery
Wish they had the recipe
Swear this life is meant for me
Tired of crackin niggas heads in the stolen challenger
Hopped up out the passenger and merked the DA's messenger
Every corner, camera
Nigga I'm just tryna live
Shitty on a shitty curb
Niggas can ya front ya kids
See how niggas get it in
Trappin so we live in sin
This felony won't keep me in I'm hungry gotta rob again
Embarrassing my mom and them
Grandma braggin to her friends
Killin beef, apparently
Name a nigga rare as me
Yeah I be, 2 f*ckin raw


[Verse 3: Rock]
Got me swagged
Then I put yo style in a body bag
Man I'm off a bag of that good
My flow off a pile of pack
Man I'm leanin hard, like I'm off that sy-RUP
And I'm damn near tore up
Wit my dogs and locstas
And we all got stock like brokers
Ugh, we don't chase hoes, nah
Hoes gon chase us, yeah
Straight to the condo
Yeah bitches ain't shit that's the muhhf*ckin motto
In the monte carlo
Yeah sippin on carlo
Just me and my posse
Strapped up when u gotta know the ropes like ted dibiase
Look at my life raw, NIGGA
Bitches wanna suck me off, QUICKER
Haters can't stand my guts, NIGGA
Cuz I get my bucks, BIGGER
I'm on my own, I'm in my zone
Bitch niggas can't knock me off my throne
I'm on my shit, cuz septic tanks
I don't give a f*ck what set you claim
Just get yo money let the bullshit walk
Ima get this cheese like a lil rat bitch
F*ckin suck me good
Nibbling thru her team
Raw shit
Nigga check me out
Know ya jockin my steez best believe nigga we run this shit
Niggas know that I be be
2 f*ckin rawwww


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