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Fantasy Lyrics
We can have a rendezvous
Butter on your crip legs, dinner for two
I know you're used to niggas running game
But I ain't playing games
Trying to introduce you to my last name
Let's get acquainted
Let me be your fiend, you be my nicotine
I'm about to take a hit, shit
Damn, start a fam
Take you to the crib, show you how I live
Need you by my side, you could be my rib
Your friends messy, baby, I could be your bib
Fool for your love, my pretty angel, you came from above
My little ghetto dove
Hold me down and I could take us up

[Hook: Jhene Aiko]
You that nigga
You that nigga
Real go-getter
And I'm that bitch, so you better come get her

She wonder where we're going next
Want a rider if you know what's best
I can be your iron knight and you I will protect
Inhale your love and let our souls connect
Go deep inside
Steal your heart, take away your pride
Can see it in your eyes
The way a gangster got you smiling took you by surprise
Got me smiling too
No waiter, girl, you are the menu
My number one fan, you are the venue
F*ck show money, rather you're my revenue
Smoke a blunt or two
Gaze at the stars, keep us hypnotized
Reach for the sky, I could take you to the top
I hope you do comply


We can have a rendezvous
Butter on your crip legs, dinner for two
Later on, shit, let's see what it do
Been chasing you for a while, let's end the pursuit
Lock you down and throw away the key
My new life the only place for you to be
Glad you chose a G
I can be your dreams and fulfill your fantasy

Writer: Morgan Bianco, Guillermo Porro Conforti
Copyright: Lyrics © Sadaic Latin Copyrights Inc.

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