There He Go Lyrics by Schoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q Lyrics

There He Go Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Ain't got no jewelry on still I'm shinin' hard
Ain't got no bodyguard walkin' solo through the mall
Bitches and the hoes know they see me they like: "There he go!"
They be like: "There he go! Schoolboy, there he go!"
Cheifin' like a muthaf*ckin' Seminole
Here we go, off probation probably go to Me-hi-co
Furthermore, can't find this in the store, this shit ain't for the low
Got my daughter swaggin' like her muthaf*ckin' daddy though
The patio, what a muthaf*ckin' view
Nappy chin hairs, bitch I'm muthaf*ckin' Q
Uhhh, muthaf*cka', muthaf*cka' yeah
F*ckin' is my favorite word, reason why I'm f*ckin' her
She swallow my dick and balls, whatever occur
Purr, I love that kitty cat
Ass fat, throw it back, I can't believe you wifing that
Deepthroat, seven or eleven, she's a double gulp
My pistol drawn, her boyfriend got me paranoid
Nigga try sneakin' up on me and I'm makin' noise
But what I failed to understand
I'm the muthaf*ckin' man, ran into him, he's a fan

I'm shinin' hard, they be like: "There he go!"
No bodyguard, they be like: "There he go!"
Up in your broad, they be like: "There he go!"
They be like: "There he go! Schoolboy, there he go!"
HiiiPoweR bitch, they be like: "There he go!"
Black Hippy shit, they be like: "There he go!"
Magnificent, they be like: "There he go!"
They be like: "There he go! Schoolboy, there he go!"

[Verse 2:]
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
No, it be this nigga here just lookin' at you lames
With my niggas, yo we bettin' on the Laker game
Even though my niggas lost another iTunes check to Dame
Garcia Vegas, yeah, that bitch be burnin' slow
'Quip a four, now the blunts go back around like merry-go
Uh, fo' sho', ain't no need for niggas out here frontin' do'
Metapho', how I come with it? I don't f*ckin' know
Y'all actin' like that TDE don't run L.A
Coast ain't been this hard since Pac, Death Row, and Dr. Dre
Word to Dr. Dre, Detox is like a mix away
So go ahead and let the grown-ups work and go somewhere and play
Worldwide Holocaust, cuh we murder shit
Without a gun or knife, it's just a f*ckin' hit
Pussy drips, raining in her cervix, I'm a f*ckin' pimp
Saggin' low, crack a nigga bitch just like pistachio


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