Screw Heads - Under The Floor Lyrics

Screw Heads Lyrics

Under The Floor Lyrics
(feat. Z-Ro)

Yo, Z-Ro the motherf*cking Crooked, 2K1
This is dedicated to all them hoe ass niggas
And then again, this is dedicated to all my real dogs
We gon get them niggas, you feel me
You weasel ass niggas, you snake in the grass ass niggas
Die slow nigga, feel the Z-Ro nigga

Huh, I reminisce about the past time
Me and Mafio in class putting together to get our hands down
Destined to be a living legend, spitting game on tracks
Now we popping it with the DJ Screw, they all want on wax
Now who that man, who that talking down
Nigga look at what you did to me, I'm about to lose my mind
I'm on a coaster grind, trying to shine like that boy 2Pac
Aggravated and I know I'm hated, so I roll with two glocks
Never hesitate to put one of these pussies in line
Cause I'm tired of talking to my roll dogs, in the back of my mind
Another day another murder, seeing another homie gone
Got me paranoid bout kin folk, till I put something in they dome
What was once a Christian, now I'll be living violently
Retaliation for my niggas moving silently
We S.U.C. Screwed Up Click, now boot up bitch
I'm ready for war, bout to suit up bitch

[Chorus x2]
We sick of you bitches putting our niggas under the floor
So I came to let you know, we gon kill you hoes
Fa sho, till this barrel 3-57 be busting, mean mugging
They cussing busting, busting, busting

Hey Mr. Fat to the Pat, how the f*ck they gon act
Still living out your ghetto dreams, with hands on our strap
Why the f*ck niggas be bombing on, ghetto rap stars
Taking the lives of real g's, straight bitches is what you are
As a superstar, never be tricking my money on hoes
Affiliated with pimps, pushers and basketball pros
I never be going up my nose, and plus I stopped puffing sherm
Automatic weapon up on my side, and aim as straight as a bird
My brains dripping, my ruger ripping from missing my dogs
That's why I'm sucking up the rap game, cause I'm a hog
Poetically inclined, and get on the corner and grind
I'm about to let my light shine, cause the henchman got attention of homie
I'ma stop, drop, roll, on eighty fours
Keep my finger on the trigger, cause I don't love you hoes
So move around, all this tripping with yourself stressed out
F*ck around and click and make Z-Ro, pull the black smith and wess out

[Chorus x2]

We all in, steady breaking these boys off again and again
Pimping a pen, living in sin trying to get dividends
Tired of being broke in this bitch, kicking it with DJ Screw
Sipping drinking and smoking that shit
And since I bought a blue over gray, my nigga didn't play
DVD and a c.d. looking at the S.U.C. on T.V.
But now he's gone, he made me then he left me alone
At least my nigga didn't get taken out by a shot to the dome
I got the call on the phone, from Den-Den
Nigga your ass just taken, but first let me tell you about your kin
We lost Eazy-E, P-A-C, B.I.G. and Big Pun
That was a nigga that was close to me, man this thug life ain't no fun
That's f*cked up, with a platinum feel my true to life is outie
Put a sadness on the world, cause the sun didn't shine
It stayed cloudy for three days, tears running down my face like relays
Z-Ro the Crooked, the ghetto rap star that he made

[Chorus x2]

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