Screw Heads - Watch What You Do Lyrics

Screw Heads Lyrics

Watch What You Do Lyrics
(feat. E.S.G.)

Better watch what you do, 2001
Keep your eyes open ha, better watch what you do
R.I.P. to my partna Screw, E.S.G. I'm putting it down
Watch what you do ha, Texas-Cali connection
Feel that Poetic, watch what you do

Now E.S.G. spitting game, and do my thang for figgas
Down South living legend, now rewind the picture
Now think back, 'fore everybody use to drank that
Red Sprite late night, we making bank at
Screw's house, and the drank got me yawning
Still pouring cups, it's three in the morning
Ask the Lord, why another G gone
Instead of seeing chrome, I'm seeing headstones
With my partna name on it, f*ck the ice and hoes
When someone dies, it make you love life mo'
Wish you was here Screw, we'd make them holla again
We'd probably ride blue, in your Impala again
Stack dollas again, and pop our collas again
Who put the tap-tap on the map, gotta be him
I push the throttle again, cause E.S.G. won't quit
Man I put that on Screw, and the Screwed Up Click cause uh

Better watch what you do, cause it could fall on you
If you balling fool, better watch what you do
I miss-I miss-I miss you Screw, and I felt your pain
You know the click won't forget, we gon rep the name
And I felt your pain, you know the click
Won't forget, we gon rep the name

Send me first mayn, and I can't lose the game
New players new coaches, but the rules the same
Who's to blame, when they scandalized your name
Can you analyze game, and survive the flame
The rain fall you ball, you might crash
Hit your breaks fast, cause there's snakes in the grass
When you get cash, everybody try to call
I'm your long lost cousin, from Alaska dog
Hell naw I peep y'all, real quick
Watch who you hang with, and watch your own click
Cause a broke down dog, with no bone or happy home
Will run in your shit, and sit on your chrome
Since Screw gone the Lord, is trying to tell us something
Slow down playa, but we keep on running
Too fast, to pay attention to thangs ahead
Keep the family fed, and God bless the dead cause uh


From Fat Pat, Big Steve, Mr. Sweets to Screw
They did shocked us, like Pac and B.I.G. did you
Now that's true, cause Screw wasn't just a DJ
He gave me, Big Moe and Lil' Ke our first play
Everyday all day, we was spitting on breaks
Freestyling on Gray Tapes, while we sitting on crates
How many stars did he make, by slowing music down
Playa look around, how many do it now
It's a household name, it's a household thang
And the Screwed Up Click, we a household gang
So whoa mayn, a thoed thang put it together
The click I roll with, drop hits forever
Been through so much, it could only get better
Two tone truck, dubbed up matching leather
E.S.G. and Poetic, we got it together
Texas-Cali connection, we bout cheddar


Said I felt your pain, you know the click
Won't forget, we gon rep the name
So rest in peace Screw, what you gon do
Rest in peace Screw, you know it's all on you ha
E.S.G. and Poetic

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