Sebutones - Sebutonedef Lyrics

Sebutones Lyrics

Sebutonedef Lyrics
Iconoclastic magnetic mix tape or plastic
Hooking beats to make your head rock drastic
Sebutones be on some ill concepts from another dimension
We were sent time to reinvent the art form
So here's the new standard called the norm
Before one we got some shit in every aspect of production
From rhyming down to cutting
and lyrical creations thats equvialent to nothing
No equal no equivalents only sequels or as peoples we seed the Nova Scotian
I keep bombing on the lines of locomotion while flowing like the ocean
And breaking beats down like corrosion beware the explosion
Of my nemesi fifty boys'll need MSI or like TLC replacement of the left eye
Cigar paper buddha blast I innovate
when I create through clouds of purple haze
Producers are amazed right knowing that their days are limited true
I come back like herpes simplex number two
while these beat makers struggle for an arrival
Crates upon crates of breaks soul survival of the fittest
Now who wants to get put on my shitlist two mics and two fists
Thats what we be fear is the jealousy can't deteriorate we
Eliminate the wack MC that's the objective
through the process of selective disorganization
Bullshit DJs are about to feel abrasions
advancement of hip hop's my occupation

You can't beat the beats you can't cut the cuts
Now try to make it happen if you think you got the guts

Sometimes the science doesn't make you seem to wanna sign the marriage license
But this is the official jam of the sacrificial lamb initial hex
We got it all so let's play a game and see what happens next
Because my middle name is def and dirty tricks is fine as mine I'll have
Thirty-six MC's try to identify the minus sign
"What does it all mean?" when its comes to the grafitti and
Sixtoo be out bombing like a shitty ass comedian
To take it to the maxitive and even further up shit creek without a laxative
You take chances when a b-boy breakdances all the way to the bank
It'll be the day I be smashing bottles
and all the girls'll look like fashion models
Heres the plan in case you dont understand Latin
First we'll take Manhattan then we'll take Berlin
I've been to Deep Space Nine and came back with a bassline
Ill blow your candle out if all you wanna do is waste time
Most contemporary hip hop types
are like a stone's throw from being wack but not the Sebutones tho
I've been trying to convince the fools that all that shits against the rules
Plus it's boring all I see is MC's concerned with foreign policy
It's giving me a weird feeling
like looking at yourself in a mirrored ceiling for the first time
Funny looking DJ's are gonna get their money tooke
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