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One With The Land Lyrics
I went in circles for a long time
And always seemed to come back to where I started
I searched for places far beyond my mind
But found that peace of mind was buried here
Along this sacred land

From this day and forever after
I will carry my flag with honour and pride
Gliding through all the empty faces
-The colors I've seen
-The shade of who I am
-My pain disappears

When the questions had no answers
When all knowledge was beyond reach
I had a strange but present feeling
That I would find this place
-I've been here all the time without knowing

From this day and forever after
I will carry my cross with honour and pride
Through the years to my final journey
I will alaways remember this day
-And I hold my hands high
-Embraced by this moment
I'm one with the land I've found out who I am
Don't let dreams fade away
I follow my faith to where it leads me...

Dream away, I'll be keeping the light when I'm shown here again
Breathing again, I'll let go of the pain that I've felt to this day
And this strong feeling will guide me the way from drifting away again
I won't let it fade away
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