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Today The March Begins Lyrics
In forgotten places where the sun doesn't shine
I'm walking through my shadow to confront my beliefs
I've always tried to keep up with the truth that I know
So I can recognize the face I see in the mirror

Forever free from the lies I used to hear
Never again they will arise
We can never tell what's right or wrong
If we keep on pretending we're blind

Today the march begins we know you stand by our side
This night nothing can stop us and our dream
Rise up to be free with us and show them your light
Returning from dark years right in our time

Can we break the chains of silence?
Are the answers there to find?
Darkness hides the truth from their eyes
The time for our stand is now

Tomorrow and forever on is our time to rule
The victory together we will find
The song will once again make you remember the words
You'll never walk alone here from this day
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