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Sevin Lyrics

I Wonder Lyrics
(feat. Bad Azz)

[Intro: Sevin]
Yeah, Mm, Mm, Hmm
Feel Me, Uh

[Verse 1: Sevin]
Once again, I make love to my pen hopin to birth a career
Prayin the game don't avoid it cause my purpose is clear
I can't lie, Plenty of nights i hit the curb just to smoke
To hopefully escape the agony where murders provoke
Satan tells me quit rappin, Start servin up coke
Cause the millions fed by the media ain't nourishing hope
I grab my word, Find a place to start reading to cope
It says well's not to worried, But it hurts to be broke
Heavenly father please, I'll scar my knees til ya pardon me
Life is as dark as these nights and it's hard to see
And i don't know why being right is so hard for me
It's like the only thing in the world i like is my artistry
How can i minister life when my own heart don't beat?
What can they offer me lord, When you departed the sea?
And what my people settle for and what we fought to be
Look what they did to Dr. king, I'm knowin they gon martyr me
But since i can't beat death, I just embrace it
Hopin that ya name is on my breath when i face it
I look at your disciples, 1 suffered exile, 11 were killed
When I'm gone, I want the world to know that sevin was real
Cause all i have is this exceptional skill
Tryin to reserve my soul a little peace of heaven to feel
So i bathe from the blood that you bled on that hill
They swore never saw, But you said that i will

[Chorus 1:]
I wonder if I'm wasting time
I feel like I'm wasting mine
Cause it's taking me longer
I wonder if my life is worth
The pain and the stress and the hurt
That's been taking me longer

[Bad Azz: Overlapping chorus]
Holla at us, The truth baby

[Verse 2: Bad Azz]
God help us out here, The whole world needs stitches
Ya need to send a big chariot down here to get us
We been sinnin, We confess, We were wrong, So please forgive us
But it's hard to live in all this evil and stay delivered
We work for blood money then spend it where evil lives
To come home to nothing to sleep through all them killings
If hell was 1,000 miles, I'd be walkin it
Cause speech could feed a billion mouths, I'm talk
I'm only bad as a rapper, I'm a real good man
Had a lotta wrong things, But i had a few good stands
Before i leave here, I just want the world to know
Y'all can bury me anywhere, Because god got my soul
But sometimes

[Chorus 2:]
I wonder if I'm wasting time
I feel like I'm pacing mine
Until this is over
Price, This is what your life is worth
And you don't smile after all this hurt
Until this is over

[Verse 3: Sevin]
Everyday i gotta question the odds
I quit gambling, Start stepping wit god
My job's to ensure that whatever i've confessed is applied
But it's harder than is sounds
I was down to flip pounds and spit rounds
But now the currency's nowhere to be found
I used to think it was nothin major for me to rob wit a .9
I never realized it so tie til i tryed to resign
And the homies understand, I'm just a man, Just as well as before
But a wise man can't conceal what he know
So i feed him as it comes, But we still stuck in these heathenistic slums
Prostitution, Murdering, And curb serving, Evil as a realistic punch
We hopin we don't pass it to our sons
As all this trickles down, I'm starting to wonder if my bloodline has been cursed
Cause the fact that i grew up dyin since birth
Makes it worse, I never seen a limo less it's following a hearse
Another brother layin hollow in the church
The eulogy was nice, But it was fabricated mostly
I knew homie closely, All he ever wanted to be was o.g.
Kept a full 40, Move coke by the o.z.
I tryed to get em holy, He ignored me
He died in a shootout over principle
I wonder how 2 dollars escolated into hollows in his intricles
And now we shed tears cause we don't know the truth
Another one wit so much potential who was robbed for his youth

[Chorus 3:]
I wonder if I'm wasting time
I feel like I'm pacing mine
Cause it's taking me under
I wonder if my life is worth
The pain, The Stress and hurt
That's been taking me under
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