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Sevin Lyrics

Step It Up Baby Lyrics
(feat. Tikk Tokk (Gospel Gangstas))

[Verse 1: Sevin]
22 inch berelli's, My relli's bling bling
On somethin heavy while wreckin the chevy engine
Peanut butter the guts wit jelly trimmin
Remote control activated cut suspension
Equipped wit kits and fix wit inventions
We hit the strip and get the attention
We graduated, Your whip's in detention
It's unfair to compare your whip in contention, No need to mention
I swang wit my brain out the tense of somethin pimped out the game just to get the rims spinnin
What's wit the tension? It ain't my intention to brag on my chips
But niggaz get mad and wanna trip
Cause they figgas is bad wit they grip
And I still got pads on my kicks
And my license plate sags on my whip
Til it drags on the strip for a minute then gradually lifts
Up the frame and hangs like a lynchin
I'm just doin my thang wit my henchmen
While you lookin like the grinch with all that distinction
Stop hatin dawg, Pay attention

[Chorus x2: Sevin]
Don't you think you should step your game up, Maybe?
If you're mad cause I came up, Baby
Your attitude has had a change up lately
Are you mad cause I came up, Baby?

[Verse 2: Tikk Tokk]
Say buddy, Why you hatin on the sideline?
Whoa, Hey, I play by the guideline
Nine times out of ten, I find ways to provide mine
Don't hide mine, I do it wit pride when I ride mine
I wet it down, Wax it up, Shine it about five times
Don't stand there mad, Look at them, Sure digi when mine shine
Wonderin why you can't get wit a girl like mine, Guy
Do you need a jenny jones makeover and I'm fine?

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Sevin]
Why spite the brightly icy wit them pricely sneakers?
You haven't had nikes in 19 ye'ars
Perhaps cause you're trapped in wifey beaters
Wit mr. goodwrench stains, And my white tee's cleaner
Is it possibly due to the light green beamer?
Cause we're the popular crew everytime we linger
You stand there all alone tryin to shine me the finger
I guess if I was you, I wouldn't like me either
Come on, You're supposed to congratulate
The fact I make massive cake shouldn't agitate
You might as well ask if a guy next to ya has a date
Why is that? Well dawg, Only faggots hate
Maybe if ya loosen up a bit, Then we could be chillin
In the villa on the hill wit the see through ceiling
But I get the feelin, That you be a villain
Willin, To creep in my house and start stealin
And that simply is not to be, I
You're the type of kesa I do not wanna be by
I go to the mall wit them chips to buy
And you're the dude in the window lookin all misty guy
Ya see the video and get mystified
Wishin you lived the life, Meet us, And then diss the guy
I got a game you're not too old to play
We'll stand here and you go away

[Chorus x2]
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