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Sevin Lyrics

Tha Greatest Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Creased up, Beautifully pretty
Platinum flake point on the new infinity
Uh, High tech boost for the mitti's
So I can produce while I move through the city
Fresh T, Jew to the titty
SSB lookin smooth for the fitty
No stress we, Just on route to balissi
Lord bless the g's that you chillin wit me
I bang out, Cruise in the 50
Security encourage wit the uz in the dickie's
Chicks, They take flicks of the dudes in the twistie's
I don't do quickies, I ain't rude, But I'm picky
In the cockpit, Of a hot whip
Wit a drop kit, Hog click, Nigga got it
Lockin the profit, The topic, Of the gossip
Still hot like a hot spliff

[Chorus: x2]
Been the greatest since the 80s
And we can't let haters fade us
We hit the stage in chuck taylors
Still greatest, Change us, Save us

[Verse 2:]
Dip to the place and make weight
And we kick in the gates, And wit a click just as thick as the state
Pan wit a flick, Wit a wristband assistant we sway him
We glistenin, They whisperin, This is amazin
Haters keep hatin, We ain't trippin wit gay men
I spit for the crip and them flamin, Ya listenin, Amen
Rock the show til it pops to the optimo and lock the flow till 6 in the am
I'm sicker than kraven, Meanin he hard
You trip, You get to see the ER
You playin wit the level that really we are
We stay wit the ghetto like a EBT card
One time for the stars and the hood tats
Two time for the ballas and hoodrats
Trae times for the great minds
The 89 behind my state line
Y'all understand that

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
And i'll be all in the e.y.e.
Wit a chick lookin like Taty Ali
Beat up, Sparred out in the v.i.p.
I'm knockin d.i.g. like the g.i.b.
Boy, Just tell ya niggaz kick back and just parle
I'm enjoyin my voyeur mint after a hard day
Just our way snatchin and stackin bar kay
In sack in back of a corvet all day
Some of these birds as feisty as the colonel
You flossin wit the cheese in the duck like we digiorno
Wishin the night was eternal
The roof ain't on fire, Like the inferno
I'm on rambo, In stance wit my camp, Bro
Do I plan to dance? No
I'm hangin out, Just whippin it up, Sit in the cut
Sippin the cup, Hit 'em up, Like what
And then we swangin out

[Chorus x2]
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