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What We All Want Lyrics
What happens when the walls drop
The lies and the disguises and the small talk
That cover up the pain and the shame and the bald spots
We're runaway trains what happens when it all stops
Artists drop gems that ring false rocks
We shouldve got those calls blacked like Alstott
We're feedin our mind from the tree in Eden
Lately I've been reading what paul taught - freedom
That's what we all want...

(Relic The Oddity)
I wanna be on a level of skill
That's gold medal
But still I'm unsettled like
Clogs man - those are some hard shoes to fill
Especially when the pressure on and the lights is off
Me and my wife's just tryin to pay bills
And keep my son occupied
And keep the stocking filled when the holidays arrive
I try to be a good provider
Successful on the spiritual side but made a mess
When it came to my debts
Now let's take a lesson from it
I stand on the summit of sums that reflect
The lesser things that I've wanted in life
I don't want to be haunted by my decisions
I'll admit balancing wants and needs comes with a price
And I'm paying it twice
First with the cards, second with the interest
It ain't that nice
I've been blessed so I guess I know what's right
What I really want is peace from God and insight
It's what we all want, right?

Yo it's hard to be,
Man it's hard to just be
Especially with this artistry it's hard to be
Black and not be a hard emcee or r&b
And that's cool if that's you but
What if all you are is me?
Man start the beat cause all my heart can see
Is a dark and bleak
Night sky painted on my mind so I spark this speech
Like stars to bleed light when it's hard to see
More than guitars and being down with a label that can
Market me I've scarred my knees
Praying hard for peace of mind and a heart that's free...
Cause yo - that's what we all want...
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