Shakira - Estoy Aquí Lyrics

Shakira Lyrics

Estoy Aquí Lyrics
I caught you smiling
I know I've seen you here before
Howcum you're hiding?
hey don'cha wanna hit the floor?
The place is crowded
Or maybe you don't like the beat
I got a two-track playing in my head
So let me take you somewhere else instead
(Dancing in the sheets)

Grab your coat and wave goodbye to
your friends
I wanna take you where the night
never ends
I feel the need to sweep you offa your feet
You and me, we should be dancing in
the sheets
(Nothing ever beats)
(Lovers in the covers)

We got the rhythm
We've got the music on our side
If we go with 'em
I'll bet we'll have a wonderful ride
Your hands are cold
So maybe we coud make some heat
Love is always born on a chance
So wrap around me and baby let's dance
(Dancing in the sheets)

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