Shakira - I'll Wait For You Sitting (Te Espero Sentada) Lyrics

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I'll Wait For You Sitting (Te Espero Sentada) Lyrics
I'll wait for you, sitting
on the corner like always,
And a bit more dressed up than if
it were a Friday
without an appointment already planned.
But with the simple intuition of seeing you,
My eyes don't stop looking and looking
at the dark stone of Ideas.
Looking for more hollows,
within this hollow.
Looking for a light
in the middle of this sky.
my sky, my sky, how poor of my sky
I tuck away my hands
because they're cold.
and they feel odd
inside my pockets.
Over an hour and a half has passed now,
and you still haven't shown,
My intinct has failed me;
but its that my instict knows nothing about love,
but it's that my instinct
doesn't know that..

Living life without you;
is something like dying,
is walking without seeing,
is singing without hearing,
is speaking without breathing,
eating without digesting.
Because I discovered
that you're the perfect form
and the perfect size,
just for me,
and that's how it is.

(Repeat Chorus)
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