Shife Niggaz - The Gang Way Lyrics

Shife Niggaz Lyrics

The Gang Way Lyrics
(feat. Twista)

Twista in the house
all ya'll weak niggas put the steel down
comin from Chi town to kill town
down with the Shife Niggaz
you now how we gonna do it
ready rockin big baby
you mothaf*ckas try to step on our tip and serve y'all must be crazy
we gonna do it like this here

[Shife Niggaz]
woke up on a mission for cream if you know what I mean
not servin the fiends
doin my thang tryin to get some green cuz I alwayz wanted some finer thangs
in the gang ways everyday allday thats when you gonna see me coastin
if you have a throw this and throw shit now what a way to get roasted
rollin with Baby Rock and Twista baby don't you get me twisted
cuz admit it to wit it if it ain't bout benjamins I ain't wit it
you feel it
I know you do
can I get a sack or two on you
my crew be makin up rules and breakin up fools I thought you know how we do
it in 9-9
I gotta get mine you gotta get you on the side with lead
but if you ever disrespect I tip shown up you gettin paided
yo yo here come the po, via-pia
is what I heard on the way to the crib with herb on swerve about to get high
as a bird
ya heard I be hustlin all day and my pockets lookin nice
like a big man again in his face or better yet lets roll them dice thats
in all day and I could give a dam bout what you think
never cheated baby tough style that my friend on the G you gettin stanky cuz

[chorus x2]
servin yay up out the gang way, out the gang way
somebody smoke somethin we been hustlin all day, hey
don't make us let them thangs spray, let them thangs spray
show up at the pass and we got straps in the hallway don't play

[Shife Niggaz]
I have a little stocaine niggas back Timbaland beat it up with the propane
keep my pocket on swole man before chi nigga that you know when the dough
and I gotta get more change so I'm steadily hustlin pushin at your love
when my friend role up they know better young and slang and roll up
steady blowin on doja
let the nigga wanna get 'em up very dusty bitch never trusty the mob click
full of niggas that video rushin
ya'll niggas can't f*ck wit Baby Rock I'm the nigga that keep shit bumpin
never go cause jumpin allday allnight keepin go from slangin
have you move somethin pimpin them hunnies turnin them crumbs to grease
look at that gun shit therfore I wouldn't even wanna f*ck wit this
gotta get money quick so either or Dre slangin that water water
bunch ya gotta test it pardon in hood in this city get f*ckin slaughtered
tell you cuz you bought it hey stay the f*ck outta my business
shot in hella inning coyote menace Baby Rock here to bring it
gaps to risk my freedom which nigga beat to my G's allday
everyday on the grime Baby Rock gotta be by snatchin cheese cuz I'm

[chorus x2]

I gotta get up on the money for the early, so I rise early, my eyes curley
on the pen I'm on ten betta get 'em on thirty
I'm about handlin my business straight menace when the pockets low straight
get up to the peena's on the front porch tippin through the door but I'm
and I hate on the nigga on the first day get the feelin shiesty
hitin licks for chips for though clips for niggas that don't like me, feelin
liked on my ten
comin on my block can get you wetted shoulda jetted
go 'head call up your boys tell 'em Twista said it don't let it
go to your head when I'm bustin off lead
all ready got the tip hot don't need to backin and dodgin the feds
cuz they show tried to do me in
send me to a gruesome man
straight to a pen
gotta be carefull where servin my two full tens
gotta get money man, tippin on my block is a dirty game
I do my thang and then hang smoke some joke to the brain
got my little roady on the block out here servin a couple dubs
and when got head workin hard so bring some weed when we pull up cuz I'm

[chorus x4]

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