Shivaree Lyrics

Shivaree Lyrics

From the Album Who's Got Trouble (2005) (buy at
Who's Got Trouble
New Casablanca
I Close My Eyes
Lost in a Dream
Little Black Mess
Mexican Boyfriend
Fat Lady of Limbourg
Gone Too Far
Baby Girls
It Got All Black
I Will Go Quietly

From the Album Rough Dreams (2002) (buy at

Gone Too Far
After The Prince And The Showgirl
All Because You Told Me So
Snake Eyes
Stealing Home
John 2:14
Reseda Casino
Ten Minutes
Queen Sized Tomb

From the Album Goodnight Moon (2001) (buy at
Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon

From the Album I Oughta Give You A Shot In The Head (1999) (buy at

Cannibal King
Bossa Nova
Daring Lousy Guy
Arlington Girl
Oh No
Goodnight Moon
I Don't Care
Idiot Waltz
Ash Wednesday

Other Songs:
John 2/14
My Boy Lollipop

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