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Sho Lyrics

Pray I'll Be A Failure Lyrics
(feat. Willie D)

Day by day, my life seems to deeper
Cause everywhere I go I see the same fake people
I remember back in the days when thangs was tough
They wouldn't even take the time to say wassup
And my family's even worse dude
Can't stand to see me doin, better than they doin
Tryin ta keep a brother down low
They can't stand to see Sho get that little bit mo'
I guess they all on the same level
See they was born broke and they gon' die broke together
It's enough I gotta fight in the streets G
Come home and gotta fight with my family
But see I'll just learn to take it
No matter how good I do there'll someone that hate it
Thinkin of a way that they could nail me
Jealous of the next man, prayin' I'll be a failure

So-called friends, man I got so many
Remember the days when I didn't have any
Broke as a joke ridin the metro bus
As sure as I'm Sho, I was down on my luck
Got me a job, bought myself a new Caddie
Soon after that, my boss thought he was my daddy
On my back for every little tit tat
Mad at me because I'm ridin in a 'lac
I had to move on, before he got the nerve to fire me
Cause if he did, nobody else would hire me
Man its a shame people wanna see ya fail
But all thats swell, cause I'ma prevail so go to hell
Check me out

[Willie D]
Will used to jack, peel a suckas cap
Will used to pack, pull the trigger perhaps
Then along came rap
And I was saved from diggin myself an early grave
Or gettin locked up in an institution
Am I the problem or the solution?
Cause when I was broke it seemed everybody wanted me to raise
But now that I'm paid
They can't wait to see me fall on my face
Every time I turn around somebody on my case
I feel like a crab in a bucket
Sometimes I just wanna say...
See thats how you want me to sound
But where I'm from only failure's lay em down
Tryin' to ban rap cause it makes me wealthy
Not because the rhymes are filthy
But I know the rules of the game bein told
Tyson, Kennedy, rap, rock and roll
So come on witcha label
I'm not lettin nobody take food off my table
I'm ready, willin, and able cause I can't be stopped
But some-a y'all are brainwashed
Sittin around pointin fingers waitin on some help
Insteada tryin to do for self, yeah
Even my friends I used to count on
Lookin for a hand out insteada tryin to get they own
And if I ain't down with that
They say I'm high cappin, and actin like I'm all that
Me be a loser, is what they want
I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't
So keep prayin for my downfall
But I'm here to tell ya WIllie D won't be another failure

Yeah, Wize Up on the rise up
And we gon' continue to get ours
Cause we gon' do whatever it take, yeah
Either roll with us, or we gon' roll right over ya
Don't make me no difference
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