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Shooter Jennings Lyrics

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From the Album Shooter (2018) (buy at
Bound Ta Git Down
Do You Love Texas?
Living in a Minor Key
Shades & Hues
I’m Wild & My Woman Is Crazy
Fast Horses & Good Hideouts
Rhinestone Eyes
Denim & Diamonds

From the Album The Other Life (2013) (buy at

A Hard Lesson To Learn
The White Trash Song
Wild and Lonesome
Outlaw You
The Other Life
The Low Road
Mama, It's Just My Medicine
The Outsider
15 Million Light-Years Away
The Gunslinger

From the Album Family Man (2012) (buy at
Family Man
The Real Me
The Long Road Ahead
The Deed and The Dollar
Manifesto No. 4
Southern Family Anthem
The Black Dog
Born Again

From the Album Black Ribbons (2010) (buy at

Black Ribbons
God Bless Alabama
Wake Up

From the Album The Wolf (2007) (buy at
The Wolf
This 'Ol Wheel
Tangled Up Roses
Walk Of Life
Old Friend
Slow Train
Concrete Cowboys
Blood From A Stone
Last Time I Let You Down
She Lives In Color
The Wolf
A Matter Of Time

From the Album Electric Rodeo (2006) (buy at
Electric Rodeo
Electric Rodeo
Gone To Carolina
Some Rowdy Women
The Song Is Still Slipping Away
Hair Of The Dog
Little White Lines
Alligator Chomp (Ballad of Martin Luther Frog JR)
Manifesto N2
Bad Magick
It Ain't Easy

From the Album Put the "O" Back in Country (2005) (buy at
Put the
Put the O Back in Country
4th of July
Lonesome Blues
Solid Country Gold
Busted in Baylor County
Sweet Savannah
Steady at the Wheel
Manifesto No. 1
Southern Comfort
Daddy's Farm

Other Songs:
Hidden Track
Living Proof
My Song For You
Outlaw You

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