Showbiz and AG - Catchin' Wreck Lyrics

Showbiz and AG Lyrics

Catchin' Wreck Lyrics
Catchin' wreck y'all on the microphone
Catchin' wreck huh snapping necks yo (Repeat 2x)

Ready ready as can be to make my debut on the M I C
Showbiz is my name I'm down with the Goodfellas
I be down to average bootleggers
For selling my tapes on 125th
If they said I was weak I show and prove that's a myth
Cause show is what I give em and "biz" is short for busy
If a nigga thinks he's great step up, who is he?
I have him slaving to the rhythm like Toby Akeze
I get him dizzy, I toss his ass like a Frisbee
In other words a kite as his head takes flight
I'm not the type (Mike Tyson gets paid to fight)
So cut the bull, make sure your pockets are full
And stop trying to prove you got pull
Cause it's a simple beat that me and jay put together
It's time to catch wreck, yo Dre now or never

Catchin' wreck yo, that's the subject
I'll break a leg yo, but not a neck check (Repeat 2x)

On my records you hear me kick a verse and
But I never sound worse in person
Matter fact, I only get better, and better and better
And never ever change with the weather
Now you step to A.G., you get your ass kicked
A few stitches a cast or a casket
I'm the calm one, but my crew is sort of sick
I'm low key, but my pockets stay thick
Thick like a shake, or thick like a brick
Matter fact better yet, thick like a...
Pass me a brew, a 40 ounce of dew
Take a sip then I pass it to the rest of my crew
I'm stemo, ready to catch demo
So I call Showbiz inside the stretch limo
Gimme a beat and a bassline
Whoever think I'm wack come and take mine
A petty diss? I'll ignore it
But when it comes to hitting skins, you know I'm all for it
The pretty ones, the big titty ones
The cuties with the booties not the itty bitty ones
I line them up and knock em down like bowling pins
If I don't have a ride then I use my black Tims

Gotta catch wreck, gotta catch wreck
Gotta catch wreck, I gotta gotta...

Catchin' wreck y'all, on the microphone
Catchin' wreck y'all, snapping necks huh (Repeat 2x)

I'm far from getting booed, I never met the Sandman
The Pointers is my sister, so yes we can-can
And act like a choir and clap with our hands
Or give a soul clap, that's my jam in demand
If brothers take a stand, we beating down clans
Put a peace sign in the air for the 90's that's my plan
I had to catch wreck to put the suckers in check
I had to catch wreck to get wrecked

Catchin' wreck yo, that's the subject
I'll break a leg yo, but not a neck check (Repeat 2x)

Show B-I-Z, A.G. that's me
Andre the Giant for those who can't see
Soon to be the fattest, I don't want to be the baddest
All I want to do is maintain my status
I might rap a tune but I'll never sing a song
I make my rhymes simple so you can sing along
You see me at a show, you know I'm good to go
You can tell cause I don't yell, all I do is flow

Catchin' wreck yo, that's the subject
I'll break a leg yo, but not a neck check (Repeat 2x

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