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More Than Friends Lyrics
(feat. Mr. Sancho)

This Song Is Dedicated
To One Specail Lady My
Lady And I What To Be With
You Tonight Your Fine Baby
You Taking Me Say You What
To Kick It With Me Say You Mant
To Make It With Me Baby Doll
Let See Your Fanasty I Am
Silencer Baby Doll I What
To Be More Then Friends
You Now That You What
To Be More Than Friends
I Am Going To Get A
Little Kiss Onces
Again Till The End I Be
Yours Your My Baby Doll
Your So Butiful You Think
About Me Like Everday
I Think About You Like About
You I Come And Sent Next To
You Baby Doll What You Relly
What To Do Come And Spent
A Little Time With Me Tonight
Tell Me All The Things You
Relly What To Do Rember The
Butiful Things You Told Me
Baby You Want Us To Rember
The Butiful Thigs That You Show

Say In The Sky True Baby Girls
In The World Miss Santasy This
Is Maryjane The One To Make
My Method Twrill I Cant Ditied
All Of My Thougts Are Running
Thought My
Mind Baby Cant Explain It Let
Me Entertantment Cuase My
Fillings Are Hard To Find Now
What Do You Mean And Puff
And The Green Cuase I Have
Seen Drug In The Queen Baby
I Want You To Play Me Baby
Dont What You To Play Me
Baby Dont What You To Change
Me Baby But You Are Not Even
My Lady All Am Hearing Is For
Take Me Take Me Take Me To
One Of The Other Place Cant
Disapoint That Butiful Face
Now Am Finding My Self In Brace
Satafiton In The Bunch Other Place
But Dont Forget Gril Am Not The One
That I Place A Ring On Your Finger
When We Gone It Just The One Who
Stand I Dont Want To Be Your Man But
You Got To Comprehind Now Am Looking
At Your Friend.
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