Silencer - Sex Talk Lyrics

Silencer Lyrics

Sex Talk Lyrics
(feat. Mr. Sancho, Ms. Sancha)

[Verse 1: Silencer]
Hey what's up baby doll
I wanna be with you tonight so now you know
and I wanna be your peloncito keep it on the low
you're telling me that I'm the cutest
you're telling me that you wanna get nasty
silencer all up in you and your papi
what you wanna do now mija
do you wanna play mija
I'm about to come inside you thats fo real mija
and I got you right where I want you
do what you gotta do
promise I would never even talk about you
you're the one thats keeping it coming
Your the baby doll your so fine keep it coming
Silencer kickin back with Ms. Sancha
its 2003 and we still got ya

Ohhhhh ohh ohh [x3]

[Verse 2: Ms. Sancha]
Some homies got the locs on
got the deadly panocha
this chocha will smoke ya or maybe deep throat ya
in depending how hard that you really are
cuz if your scared right now then we won't get too far
I'm a freaky ass bitch and I need me some dick
come suck on these thetas and rub on my click
never f*ck with punk levas only vetes and cholos
who roll with the Low Pro gangsters vato loco
never ever will you ever know a bitch like me Sancha
aint no fool and this pussy ain't for free
so quick I will take you for all that you got
gangster shit turns me on it gets me off


[Verse 3: Mr. Sancho]
Come on baby let me give you what you want
let me give you what you need
little bit of me little bit of weed
plus just a little bit of Hennesy
get you a little drunk by then won't get ya little strong
then we will get it on
we f*ck until dawn
so you know that its just a give and take situation
No player hation make a toast to this nation
its on get it on we f*ckin all night long
lets get it on lets get it on until the break of dawn
So I gotta let you know {Get the f*ck out}
whats in store gotta keep it on the low
You know what you gonna get from this thug from Low Pro

[Chorus:fade until end]
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