Sintax.The.Terrific - A Mantra To Breathe To Lyrics

Sintax.The.Terrific Lyrics

A Mantra To Breathe To Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Gimme a poem and I'll dream it
A song and I'll believe it
A mantra, son I'll be it
Broken promise and I'll complete it
Yo, inspire your crew to be kind before they're fresh
Inspire yourself to behave, selfless
Inspire your mom to buy the latest Blackalicious
Go shopping with her friends and make your dad wash the dishes
Inspire the mis-dressed to be chased before the Lord
Inspire your homies to get married before they score
Inspire not the score, inspire to make love
Inspire the party people to find reasons not to club
Inspire a doctor to treat the soul and not the body
Inspire your daughter to be a woman and not a hottie
Inspire a new hobby; learn a trade to teach your kids
The work of your hand, yo, that's a Godly gift to give
Inspire a cop to do justice and not his duty
Inspire your kids to read the book before the movie
Inspire your own movie, live a life worth sharing
Courage is simply an average man's deeds made daring
Inspire a house to be a home and not a hotel
Where families shoot the breeze and hope to know each other well
Inspire a wishing well to meet our needs and not our wants
Inspire hard rock to keep its teeth and lose its fronts

Inspire your foe, inspire your friend
Inspire complete strangers, inspire your kin
We either make this world better or we're making it
So bless with your life, for whatever it's worth

[Verse 2]
Meditate fast, celebrate solitude
Discipline your life before your life runs you
Meditate fast, celebrate solitude
Discipline your life before your life runs you
I walked with God in the garden and it was good
Not a word spoken, our feelings were understood
I asked him to part the night sky ceiling if he could
He laughed at my impatience, but then he said he would
Then peel back the dark black steel trap space
Top hat that the planet tips flat to hide her face
Pulls a puff of cloud plume, to dimple her disgrace
The raindrop tears of her pain we love to taste
I'm making simple moves like a thimble full of water
While this paper house burns I question why I even bother
Before the earth took her frame, You knew my very name
You loved my every hope, You mourned my every shame
But made me just the same, and burdened every blame
And set this firefly free to burn the brightest flame
So hard rocks and heads, lets beat this gritty concrete
Untie these Timbalands and wash each other's feet
'Cause this is our mantra, a song to mow the lawn to
Bump it in your life until the peace of God finds you
Put a sculpture of a rapper on the cover just for laughter
Doesn't matter if they ever catch what you're trying to capture


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