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Sintax.The.Terrific Lyrics

Shirt Sleeve Lyrics
(feat. Justme)

[scratched: "My love is audio"]

[Verse 1]
I love the half moon; it gives me something to look forward to
It teaches me to wait upon the Lord before I move
And I love the butterfly 'cause he used to walk the earth
Gives me hope that one day I can spread my wings for what it's worth
And I love the tortoise shell; it's a place to be alone
And I love the porpoise tail 'cause it gets to sail the sea
And, yo, I love the sea; it's bigger than my ego
And it swallows me completely like the canyon eats the echo
And, yo, I love the metro, it brings us all together
With a popper in the windshield they mince words for the better
And maybe I like cheddar but I like to call it blessings
Cause it's got nothing to do with what I drive or how I'm dressin'
And I love a broken pot; it's probably learned a lesson
But it wants to keep us guessing so we'll learn it on our own
And I love a good book cause you can look into the author
Like a cup is just a place to pour the solstice of the potter
I love a rocking chair; it makes me feel old fashioned
Like a can of Daper Dan when I'm asking "How's my hair?"
And, yo, I love a mirror 'cause it always tells the truth
But it's got nothing to say about the soul inside of you
I love the ink black eyes of a cow because they're quiet
And I wonder if there's thinkin' between the blinkin' of the eyelids
And, yo, I love the water as it peaks into a whitecap
And slaps against the shore as if to say "I'm goin back"
And I love a quiet night, eating pizza with my wife
Cause It proves we love each other more than life, word up
I love Osama Bin Laden 'cause he was made in God's image
And no matter what he does we're called to love him just the same
And it's a shame we can't see it, how to put our faith in practice
Like a palette full of paints who never gets to press the canvas
I love the whippoorwill 'cause it likes to sing the blues
And laments up on the fence about the choices that we choose
So I bought a clay myrtle 'cause I thought it made me happy
But I learned that being happy's something more than just a tree
It's family and future and obedience to my maker
And sometimes writing dope rhymes that skip across the fader

[Chorus x2]
Yo, I'm a sensitive man; I wear my heart on my sleeve
And these are just a few of my favorite things
So I invite you to see what it means to be me
But only ask that you walk lightly when you step in my dreams

[Verse 2]
Yo, I love J-Treds; he always sticks the landing
And he taught me that the clever seldom ever get respect
And I love catchin' rec with my crew outside of Denny's
'cause their words are good food when my tank is feelin' empty
I love the milk crate, the beat break library
Where the weary lay their burdens down on wax for heads to carry
And I love it when you barely catch the clutch before it tarries
Off the topic that cypher said, for sure, would set you free
I love my baggy jeans, hangin below my hips
Cause they represent pop sentiment and how I never fit
I love the record skip cause life is never perfect
And reminds me that summit makes the climb worth it
Love 30 bar verses, kids that rhyme with purpose
Being nervous before a show, knowin' you haven't rehearsed
The local record shop that stocks independent hip-hop
And hits me on the celly when the latest jem drops
I love piano drops, jazz loops, and rim shots
Its samples in hip-hop that make my heart beat stop
I bought an 840 to pull my passion down on Zip disc
Exchanging french kisses with my mic to show my interest
But life is not a wish list, it's better to give than get gifts
So I wish for everybody all that you're in love with

[Chorus x3]

[Verse 3]
I love Your name cause it's the highest and nobody can deny it
Rip the flyest title, takin' false gods and beat biters
I love the wall writers; sprayed your peace before we hit it
Sent end to end burners back to the lab for more revision
Love the records that You're spinnin', music for righteous livin'
Got the tightest turntablist itchin' to feel your scratchin'
I love Your foot action; break your body, save us all
You were the first b-boy before these toys could even crawl
I love Your "yes ya'll"s, "don't stop"s, and breaking dawns
It's Your same stage presence, when You call, heads respond
Love Your patience: it's long, salvation cause it's my song
Your passion for Your people cause Your mercy's never gone
I'm a sensitive man, I wear my heart on my sleeve
Hard rocks break before the body that bleeds
Cause I love You
I love You

[Chorus variations until end]

Deepspace 5 team
Sintax the Terrific
Love God, your neighbor
Then love yourself

[scratched: "My love is audio"]

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