Sintax.The.Terrific - The Way We Walk Lyrics

Sintax.The.Terrific Lyrics

The Way We Walk Lyrics
(feat. Mouth Warrin')

[(Mouth Warrin')]

[Spoken Intro]
(Hey yo fellas it's kinda ill, these new horizons God blesses us with
You know it's only right we live it in his sight)
Word, it's an honor to walk with you
Let's make a difference with the way we move

[Verse 1]
Hey yo Mouth, it's a bit of a rush at first blush
Bust on the break that curfew crushed
(Sintax, as a matter of fact, I'll do that
Spit raps to the way that we walk is where it's at)
Hey yo, the laces are fat, the cardboard's flat
Kick the classic raps to bring the b-boys back
(Listen closely so you can understand why we are
The most unexpected lyrical blessing)
When the lights dim, the ambience grows darker
As I sit in the midst of other dope authors
Like minded travel throughout time and spaces
Shifting momentum to distant and local places
Focal point raised up so I can face it
Every day martyr potentially could be erased of our right
Left to the other side of the pages
Without hesitation I'm making my statement clear
Across the country I know other congregations
Intelligence scribes with just its nice arrangements
It's like some sort of militia of verbal agents
Underneath the surface workin on some ill equations
Trailblazing this generation in these elements of nature
Trudging towards the mark with fruit flavor
And I mouth, can't wait to spit it out
And hear the crowd connect to my spark, because I'm marked

[Verse 2]
Any well wishing off this pit of freezed hell
While these pelicans and pirates playin catch above the sea swell
Bellet, St. Michael's titles taken as she tolls
Break my back to give derelicts daps and dinner rolls
Like slow learnin to walk, taking beginner strolls
Around the block, till I can rep this bible with mic control
Survival is a state I refuse to settle for
I wanna take the path that isn't safe anymore
I wanna walk where the battle is, rattle the cage lid
Tackle the big issues and draw a flag for the late hit
Saddle the bull and make him chomp at the bit
Straddle the picket fence and talk the undecided off of it
I wanna walk where the rubber meets the road and burns its tread
The friction of life's tide that keeps my fire burning red
I wanna tread the razor's edge, led by the hand of the Messiah
Make my bed in the lion's den, sleep peacefully beside her
'Cause the road less traveled is the cop out rout
I wanna feel the people's pain as I move within the crowd
And walk in a way that inspires a generation
To learn to love God and then chase him

[Chorus x1.75]
(The way we walk, cats couldn't follow
Sasquatch products and struttin while most waddle
Truck town city, just a sea side swallow
The way we walk is narrow like neck bottles)
Yo the way we walk, feel free to follow
In and out of alleys and boroughs to find tomorrow
A family and a father that's sure to fill the hollow
The way we walk, yo, that's the only way to go

The way we walk, the way we walk

[Verse 3]
(I'm gaining momentum, increasingly on the daily
It's just a matter of time before I'm reaching the making of a new life
My eyes held high on the grand prize
If hope floats, I must be on could nine)
Spine tingles when the sunshine mingles with mine
Decline to take a single step without the divine
And keep my nose to the grindstone, flows to refine
Faith is walkin by feet first one shell toe at a time
(Listen, my inner vision has seen a glimpse
The forthcoming events and I am in the mix
Don't twist my speech, didn't come to bring confusion
It's just the way that we walk that talks to the youth)
I let my feet speak truth to those who haven't got a clue
'Cause one act of love is worth a thousand words I rap to you
Give your boss a gift, the lost a lift
'Cause they can tell by the way you walk, who you're with

[Chorus: Sung together with variations]

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