Skull Dugrey - Drama Lyrics

Skull Dugrey Lyrics

Drama Lyrics
It be's that razor-sharp nigger, when I'm flexing
Look here, thoughts be so deadly nigga pull your weapon
Everywhere I'm from niggas straight killas yo'
I'm talking bout' that N.O.C nigga, dig it yo'
We stay cocked, that East Bank to that West Bank, straight killas
And looka here nigga, thats on the reala
Now looka here, I'm giving you true game
If you can't believe, so boy dig this man
Nigga bringing drama,everywhere we come from
From the both sides of the twin banks don't run
I'm the you know one thing that's like that
You can't get away from the real shit, dig it black
That's drama

Nigga running hot on your block, for the hit
You can't stop that nigga, its drama
Nigga go and split your wig quick
Because they trying to get that money, dig
Thats drama

Nigga running hot on your block, for that hit
You can't stop, thats drama
Nigga bout' to split your wig kid
You can't stop that shit
Its drama

All my hoodlum niggas don't trip
Drama plagues my city like ebola, dig it
I wonder if that white man put the chip in your head
And every down Ward nigga end up dead
Man, what you have to prove, huh
You niggas are punks and sissies
Cause you don't fight, you bitches
See I'm trying to tell you bout' the drama, dig it
It can be indoors or outdoors, niggas still slang them Bolo's
Dog, them hands was the shit, but looka here that shit's past tense
Check it, you be shaking and tripping
When a nigga say it's on after school
You got butterflies in your stomach, dude
But look, that butterfly shit quit after the first lick
That's some bone rattling shit
When a nigga hand can break a nigga jaw, a back, or break a nigga hip
That drama bitch

Nigga coming on your block for the hit
You can't stop that nigga, you dig it, thats drama
Nigga bout to split your wig kid,
Because he got to get that money, dig
Thats drama

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