Skull Dugrey - Moss Lyrics

Skull Dugrey Lyrics

Moss Lyrics
(feat. Mo B. Dick)

smokin on that moss
got me felling like im lost, in the sky
smoking on that moss
does it matter what it costs im gonna get high

Smoking on that moss be real thats the deal
look at here you know one thing I gots to carry my steel
niggaz like to jack, but look at here they wont jack me
if you wasn't full of that moss, im riding up the street
rollin on I-10 just to get in took 55 on the live
smokin that moss, boy, its rolled up real tight
bumping T.S.O and thats that
got my stuff compressed so the darks wont test me
check me out you know who I be im Skull Duggrey
I got that moss from my niggaz in New Orleans G
now check me every time I come through the cuts
they know one thing that the mossler got his fire bro
now look what you wanna do now punk
better get your white papers, and troll that jump
get the optimose all you got to get is Vegas
cause we smokin that moss everyday


[Mo B. Dick]
dumb dumb, dity
that moss got me dizzy
I want to get busy
I dont accept nothing less
Then that down south booda bless
make me beat on my chest like im about to catch a party
smoking, smokin


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