Skull Dugrey - Nigga Nigga Nigga Lyrics

Skull Dugrey Lyrics

Nigga Nigga Nigga Lyrics
It be the medifore, medifore man that be kickin ryhmes
Niggaz know one thing, that Skull don't be waistin time
Brangin more drama to your whole click, nigga
If you don't belive so put your finger on that glock trigger
And look at here niggaz gonna step fools gonna fall,
you bitches, know one thing nigga ask the law
and look at here boy you know one thing T.S.O is the shit
If you don't believe so we represent, you dig it
F*ck them niggaz talkin all that shit in the 96
look at here the do's trip below is what we want
dig it, and if you foo's cant overstand
but f*ck it, cause you dont wanna f*ck with the real

[Chorus x3]
Nigga, nigga, nigga T.S.O's coming
I dont mind dying what about you

nigga you know the real be raw
look at here we dont be playin
its that T.S.O shit and im staking
that we got cold gangsta niggaz in the click
down from no ? V-90 gumbo, bitch
niggaz know one thing we dont clown by the clicks that we roll with
set the tight sosa, criminal instument
and we got the vanguard boy niggaz know
that little chickenyana blows on them niggaz sho'
and look at here this nigga's creakin throught the cracks
skull duggrey I handle dig in black
and that nigga that be blue
that nigga Dolio if I really let ya know


now when you buck your gun, nigga buck with me
and when you call a name call skull duggrey
I dont mind dying what about you bring your whole click
you know one your click aint bout shit when its coming shit my way dig
and look at here suker, motherf*cker
if you gonna jump then you gonna get bucked
i got them niggaz behind me, thats straigh sosa
coming like this I told ya
im runnin over fields, runnin over clicks
jumping off houses f*ckin up shit
you know one thing that we dont play that how it be
I represent the whole thing nigga Skull Dugrey


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