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From the Album Sleazy Flow (2022) (buy at
Sleazy Flow
Sleazy Flow

SleazyWorld Go Info:

When you listen to SleazyWorld Go, his semi-automatic delivery is the first thing that captures your attention. Over the last few months, the Kansas City rapper has been on a tear, garnering millions of on-demand streams for his track “Sleazy Flow.”

SleazyWorld Go is a 24-year-old rapper whose Let Me Talk My Sh** Pt. 3 got praise from Jack Harlow, Lil Durk, 42 Dugg, Lil Baby, and Lil Nas X. All of them have expressed their love for the song on social media.

With his platform, he just wants to demonstrate to folks from these towns that Kansas City, Missouri, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, are both worthy of consideration.

He advises people to not doubt themselves because of where they came from or what they’ve been through.

“Sliding,” which he released in 2020, was the first song he ever wrote and uploaded on YouTube. The song went viral in his hometown and paved the way for future hits.

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Kansas City, USA
Grand Rapids, Mich



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