Sly Boogy - Freestyle #1 Lyrics

Sly Boogy Lyrics

Freestyle #1 Lyrics
[Sly Boogy]
Sly Boogy
uh uh
heh heh
yeah, check it
uh uh

I be curb servin' this ebonical slang
When it's time to splerge a verse, I'm on top of my game
I cock back and spit to leave the streets in flames
and I got it on lock with dead bolts and chains
You better duck 'cause I aim for the waist up
If I'm the nigga spittin' the Philly is gettin laced up (ha)
And I don't battle on wack nigga, so raise up
That's like tryin' to titty f*ck a bitch with an A-cup
But if you blast first, I'ma blast back
And by the last verse you gon' pull yo panties out yo ass crack
Then I'ma backtrack and reach inside my backpack
And slip another clip in the strap and let the gat clap
And that's that, I be stupid, ruthless
With a flow that be travelin' like loose acoustics
I'm a hog nigga like I just did two bids
Comin' home to a gang of whips and two cribs
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