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Sly Boogy Lyrics

It'z Nuthin Lyrics
WOOOO! Hah! Californ-a-ee
Sly Boogy! Hah!
Fin to make this crack, real quick
It ain't no problem, believe me man

It's nothing, we drunk and - we buzzing
Tonight we gon be clubbing
This function - is jumping
Tonight I'm f*cking something
We hustling - we thugging
Talk shit we gon be dumping
No bluffing - it's easy
Believe me man it's nothing

You might see me in the back with a flask of yac(cognac)
Swiggin' on it like I'm guzzlin a glass of tap
With some cush' wrapped up in a plastic sac
With the finesse that the rest of these bastards lack
When I fall up in the spot, all the bitches pause
It's the nigga from the block with the biggest balls
And there ain't too many niggaz that can fit his draws
And when he wile out, you don't wanna get involved
Cause it ain't no love and the slugs gon spray
When they close the club cause a thug don't play
And sho nuff, can really have a f*cked up day
Cause I'm serving up more beef than a buffet
Oh yeah! With way more flavors than Now & Laters
With some playas that's as crazy and shady as Al Queda
Uh huh! That specialize in laying down haters
If ain't now, it's going down later, believe me


Nigga I'll snatch your card
An back slap you for actin hard
Rat Pack you and mack your broad
And clap at you from handle bars
With a bite that's as bad as Jaws
Uh huh! Nigga you don't even have to like me
When it comes to being sheisty, I'm twice as likely
Jack your jewels if your ice is pricey
Snipe you with the too-lz [tools] and swipe your wifey
WOO! And get all up in your brain like witch doctors
I don't really need no chains and wrist watches
Uh! I blow like propane, you can't stop this
With more game than PS2's and Xbox's
I got some sexy foxes, breasts topless
Butter pecan 'Rican, VANILLAS and PLUSH chocolates
Yeah! All up AT the Mosi (motel) feelin' freaky
And when I say it's gon pop, believe me


Contest that Budha blessed the best cheeba
No stress, straight to the chest the best reefer
With the anesthetic effects of fresh ether
Jack up your leverage and mess your technique up
I'm dangerous in sex with a ruff neck skeezer
Stocking up the medicine chest with lexzeva [? ]
I bring the beef and bust, wet your team up
Then break out like flesh infected with eczema
Uh! I pull ho's and pour, then blow doja
Bulldoze over my foes and blow toasters
Book shows over the globe, it's our culture
Repping the West Coast and posing on posters
WOO! I chin check when I come from the shoulders
And catch wreck when I come from the holsters
And clap the four-feezy and run
This is easy an 1 plus 1, believe me

[Chorus x2]


[Scott Storch Instrumental Outro]
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