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Smoked Outt Records Lyrics

All Day, All Night Lyrics
(feat. Big Ramp)

[Derrick Talkin']
Wussup? It's all good baby shheeeeit
Whats Hapnin Jay Rock, Big Rivers, Young Hall, St. Thomas?
(Its all good) What (nigga shit)
Its in me Twine, I cant stop
Nah, I cant stop, Its in me nigga
I wasn't Born with no silver spoon in my mouth
Thuggin' fa life nigga f*ck
You know what I'm sayin?

[Verse 1: Derrick]
It's in me Twine, i cant stop thuggin' if i tried
I'ma all in
I'ma ball, Kill, then hit the pen
The game i'm in, when it happen I gotta take my lick
Until then
I'ma be trying to make a mill-yin (Million)
On the block: Curly in the morning freezin'
Thats the only way I'm gon get my Million
I got a bundle full of quarters and I'm slangin' 'em dawg
150, 7 grams nigga buy it or starve
And I aint' takin' no shorts
Nigga come with it all
Disrespectin' my mind, get your head blew off
Me and my dogz clique tight and its gon stay this way
When a nigga beefin' at my clique we all in black with K's
I'm a head hunter, a stunter and a repper (representer)
I do bad, you got birds, i come nap ya
Nigga up your chedder
If you don't you get a sweater with yo damn picture
Thats on the realla my nigga, look

[Hook x3: Derrick]
All Day, all night ridin' or walkin'
You see when i spot ya, them 50 shots gon do my talkin'

[Verse 3: Big Ramp]
It's 4 in the mornin, I'm good and asleep up on my mattress
It was lil Derrick he told me he cliquing up wit Attrice
[???] and I'ma let 'em flow
And you dont cross Smoked Outt or that 504
I seen my wodies tote Uzi's but rabit tote Mac's
he call you to come see him i bet you dont come back
I'm in the closet between 2 jackets go up on a hanger
As soon as you get butt naked Guess how soon I'm gonna spank ya
I'm on V.L. playboy look wodie I'm a thanker
Ya down bad with the ryders watch my dogs come and sank ya
Me and my dogs with AK's all day
You in the wrong place 'bout time you arevaderche
You betta clear the set, look dog when the Rabbit's comin'
100 in the drum and 'bout picturin something
Went the road down and out dog look I'm jumping
Its safe to be noise so now I'm dumping
Cause I'm Coming
I let it loose up in a pump' and
Nigga Big Ramp from V.L. dog bout slangin' something
All day nigga

[Hook x3]

[Verse 3: Derrick]
Aint' no coward in me nigga I'm young and I'm thuggin'
Derrick out the St. Thomas and I'm bout head bustin'
Young and wild lil nigga, I'm a fool with that 2
Hit the block in broad day
Nigga bloom-bloom-bloom
F*ck a mask, i come naked face
Whoever out when I ride thats who my chopper waste
60 days in that parish will have you losin' weight
You'll eat good but you'll be stressin' worryin' bout ya case
Call at home the bitch you f*ckin' dont want give up that one
You lock down, and that broad she played that role
Like she gon be there 'till the end but in the middle she jokes
My nigga P, that young nigga that bout that head bustin'
Slangin weight and f*ckin' hoes that lil nigga thuggin'
My nigga P, thats my dog out the CP3
He was T [??] and H-O-D
Him and lil Birone from that cut, yep that 15th
Like a man them 2 niggaz kept it real with me
When they touch down, in return half a Ki a piece
No front, look here take this off GP
Like B.G. I keep it real with my real dawgs
If a nigga steal them I'ma do they hood wrong, wrong

[Hook x2]

[Talk 'till end]

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