Smoked Outt Records - CBR's, Jaguars And Humvees Lyrics

Smoked Outt Records Lyrics

CBR's, Jaguars And Humvees Lyrics
(feat. Lil Derrick)

I wanna holla at them hummer drivers, ya heard me
Them motorbike ryders, them Benz ryders
My nigga Chuck, ya heard me
My baby mama up in Yolla, ya heard me
I just bought her a benz, a coupe, ya know thats all gravy baby

[verse 1]
I aint gon lie I love stuntin'
But I'ma drama bringer
20 on my neck, ice all over my fingers
I be sparklin'
When I pull up to the gate, them hoes stalkin'
Throwin money to them lil' children 'cause im ballin'
Word uptown Baby buyin' New Orleans
How many Carrots in my roley? Bout' 40
That showroom for Worey
I brought it, Gangsta be home in a minute
Tell him I brought it
2 Mills for 20 years, we livin' gorgeous
Big Ray and Sorgient, because we flossin'
In Jag's and four seven's, not walking
Touring my circular, them haters stalkin'
Brought my whole clique over we gettin washing, washing whoa

CBR's, Jaguars and Humvees
Everything we drive be on 20's
Denali's and Lex Beams
With TV's, with TV's, With TV's
CBR's Jaguars and Humvees
Everything we drive be on 20's
Denali's and Lex Beams
With TV's, with TV's, with TV's

[Verse 2]
I got 20 on my wrist and 20 on my truck
I got TV's in my Jag, all in the dash
Buy a Benz for seven nigga
Everything I drive, 50 and better nigga
I'll bet a nigga, they cant out shine me
With these 25 perna's in my roley
In my mansion on Washington, paid out
Seventeen room house, nigga laid out
I brought her over to my crib she got a nice house, nice house
I got a Viper with the random stripes
Loud pipes
Voom-voom like a motorbike, shife
I'm in a Jag doing 90 with a boss bitch
Top down, iced up, spittin' out cris
I got my hand out the window let my roley glis
I bought a house in Hollywood next to Puff, shit
I'ma baller, next to us the telling us bad bitches callin'
Where you at Derrick? I'm doing it in New Orleans
I'm coming home soon, they now hollerin, hollerin whoaa


[Verse 3]
I know what I'ma do for the new Millenium
Buy me a Jet, park the Jag in front of my condeminium
I'm gon' be livin' lavash
When I'm eatin' fettichini you eatin' raley's
Sell my house on Washington and buy a palace
My uncle Baby brought the sinks and I brought Denali's
Bo-bo one puttin' TV's in my Denali
In '99 I'm selling birds for seven five
F*ck if it's dry I'm selling birds for seven five
Got a bad bitch that would give me hed, I'll give you 2 for 9
30 Perna's in my roley, bitch you know it shine
I got a Lex bubble limo when I dont want drive
In that yacht on the lake, when I could stop the cruise
And some killers that I'll wet, if I want you bloozed
If ya drinkin' Haterade, then ya head you lose, head ya lose


[talking until end]

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